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State of Florida Plans

Information on the state’s PPO and HMO plans, both Health Investor options, as well as the state’s Spouse Program.


UF’s health insurance plan currently covered select university employer groups, direct support organizations and other affiliates.


Available to Graduate Assistants on appointment.


The amounts paid by the employee for both state and GatorCare plans.

Affordable Care Act

Information regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as ACA.

Mandatory Student Health Insurance Program

A mandatory student health insurance program for incoming University of Florida students was approved by the UF Board of Trustees.

Fringe Benefits Pool

The University of Florida’s process for charging employee fringe benefits costs to departments. Please note that the pooled rates have no impact on the cost of the benefits to employees.

Need Assistance?

myfloridaState of Florida Plans

To Enroll: Login to the state’s People First portal using your People First user ID and password.
For Assistance: Contact the People First Service Center at (866) 663-4735.

ufUF Select and GatorCare Plans

To Enroll: Login to the myUFL portal using your Gatorlink ID and password.
For Assistance: Contact UF Benefits at  or (352) 392-2477.