Benefits Enrollment

This page provides an overview of the benefits plans offered both by the State of Florida and the University of Florida. Watch the tutorials to get a brief overview of each plan, then visit the plan website for more detailed information.

How to Enroll

How to Enroll in State of Florida Benefits Instruction Guide
Dependent Certification Process for State of Florida Benefits Instruction Guide
How to Enroll in UF Plans Instruction Guide
Benefits Summary & Beneficiaries Instruction Guide
Setting a Trust as a Beneficiary Designee for UF Life Plans Instruction Guide

Plan Overviews

Health Insurance

State of Florida Standard PPO Tutorial Website
State of Florida Standard HMOs Tutorial Website
State of Florida Health Investor Plans (HMO or PPO) Tutorial Website
GatorCare Tutorial Website
Additional Information Tutorial Website

Life Insurance

State of Florida Basic Life Insurance Tutorial Website
State of Florida Optional Life Insurance Tutorial Website
UFSelect Term Life Insurance Tutorial Brochure

State of Florida Supplemental Plans

Hospital/Accident/Cancer/Intensive Care Insurance Tutorial Website
Dental Insurance Tutorial Website
Disability Insurance Tutorial Website
Vision Insurance Tutorial Website

UFSelect Voluntary Benefit Plans

UFSelect Voluntary Benefit Plans Tutorial

Flexible Spending Accounts

Reimbursement Accounts (includes Medical, Limited Purpose Medical and Dependent Care) Tutorial Website