Successful leaders are not the “output” of a training program; leadership skills are not just “taught.” True leaders embark on a journey and continue to challenge themselves and strengthen their development by unrelentingly asking questions while distilling lessons from their experiences.  At the University of Florida, there are many paths to showing up as a leader.  Training & Organizational Development provides various programs for you to begin or continue your leadership exploration at a level that is most compatible with your career stage as well as your personal and professional aspirations.  We invite you to examine our Leadership Programs and consider which might best fit your interests.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of the members of our team to help you assess which program might be right for you.

Click on any of these links to learn more about each of these leadership development opportunities:

  • Advanced Leadership for Academics and Professionals
    This collaboration between UF’s Office of the Provost, Faculty Senate, and Human Resource Services, offers UF academic and professional leaders a program to deepen their leadership skills.
  • UF Academy
    A program designed for emerging leaders at UF offering an immersion in the culture and organizational structure of our institution. This 9-month program includes meetings with UF leaders, a trip to Tallahassee, and a ROPES challenge course.
  • See the UF Academy and Advanced Leadership comparison chart if you are wondering whether UF Academy or Advanced Leadership would be right for you

  • UF Leadership Network (by invitation)
    Any leader completing the development programs is invited to these quarterly events. These engaging forums support continued exploration of leadership issues and provide opportunities for networking and collaboration across campus.
  • Managing at UF: The Supervisory Challenge
    The training content for this program is aligned with the Leadership Competency Model and offers a certificate upon completion. Faculty and staff can participate in these 3-hour workshops at their own pace.

    • Manager’s Cohort Supervisory Challenge
      This is a unique opportunity to receive your Supervisory Challenge certificate with a cohort of peers. This venue offers a forum to discuss application of concepts learned in the classes and create a network of support across campus.
  • Strategic Communications Academy for UF Leaders and Scholars
    A professional development program for faculty and staff ready to hone storytelling skills to inspire support for organizational objectives and to interact with the news media to galvanize people to positive action.