Prudential Productivity Awards


A joint effort of the Florida TaxWatch, the Florida Council of 100, and the State of Florida, the Prudential Productivity Awards are presented annually to honor state employees throughout Florida who have significantly increased productivity in delivering state services and products. In addition to honoring innovative and cost-saving accomplishments, the awards program recognizes the measurable contributions and added value of individuals and teams. Award winners are presented with cash awards and commemorative plaques.

2017 Nomination period is Sept. 1 – Nov. 15

Please visit the Prudential Productivity Awards website for nomination forms and additional information.

2016 Winners

Since 1989, award winners have produced roughly $9 billion in cost savings, efficiency gains, cost avoidances and increased revenue for state government as well as Florida taxpayers. This year, cash and plaque awards were presented to nearly 605 individuals and teams for their innovation and productivity improvements. 2016 winners are pictured with Dr. Charles Lane, UF Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and Jodi Gentry, UF Vice President for Human Resource Services.













Physical Plant Central Stores Warehouse Team

(left to right):Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Charlie Lane, Theran Floyd, Jose Diaz, Vinny Herman, David Register, Alex King, Libby Rowell, Kenny Stokes, Thomas Gonzales, Vice President for Human Resource Services, Jodi Gentry















Student Employee Time Keeping Improvement Team

(left to right): Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Charlie Lane, Steven Bourdon, Karley Counts, Jeffrey Schmidt, Jean Starobin, Vice President for Human Resource Services, Jodi Gentry

Not pictured: Evelyn Anderson, Pam Hightower, Michael Hoffmann















CLAS IT/Biology – Web Transition Team

(left to right) Charlie lane, David Redding, Kyle Arola, Jodi Gentry

Not pictured: Priscilla Chapman

Visit the Prudential Productivity Awards website for a complete list of winners. The Prudential Productivity Awards Agency Coordinator for the University of Florida is Kenya Williams, or (352) 273-1761.  The Agency Head for the University of Florida is Jodi Gentry. Should you have any questions regarding the nomination process or online application please contact Kenya Williams, Training and Organizational Development, at the email or phone number listed above. Past winners