Sponsored Programs Training Series

UF Training and Organizational Development, in partnership with core offices such as the Division of Sponsored Programs, the Division of Finance and Accounting, the Office of Contracts and Grants Accounting Services, and the Office of Internal Audit, is creating a new sponsored programs professional development series. This series is designed to meet the specific needs of principal investigators, research administrators, and other personnel who play a vital role in UF’s research enterprise. We’re pleased to announce the early launch of sessions available in this sequence.

Designed with UF in mind

In 2009-2010, the University of Florida was awarded $678 million in research funding. In fact, UF now commands more total research funding than all the other Florida universities combined! This kind of growth requires a careful investment in UF’s research infrastructure. Training and development for our researchers and staff is an important part of that investment.

To ensure that our efforts are focused on the real needs of UF’s research community, training offerings within the series align with the knowledge and skills identified in the UF-specific Research Administrator Competency Model. Also, the Sponsored Programs Training Series is designed with the busy, active schedules of UF researchers in mind. We appreciate and value your time! Sessions in the series are succinct, clearly presented, and appropriately targeted to the needs of our research community.