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This information is designed for use by departmental staff and administrators who purchase equipment, materials and services used for university business, as well as faculty and staff who will reconcile UF credit card purchases in myUFL.

Use myUF Market for all purchasing requisitions and myUFL for receiving and vouchering. You may research requisitions in myUF Market and research purchase orders in both systems. The UF credit card is known as the PCard. Review these Frequently Asked Questions for answers to specific questions.

myufmarketVideo Tour

Take this quick video tour of myUF Market to learn menu navigation and how to set up and use key features! quick video tour!

Web Simulations and Instruction Guides


Getting Started

Getting Started Guide to myUF Market PDF
Shopper’s Guide to myuf Market Simulation PDF
Requesting myUF Market Security Roles PDF
Setting Up Your User Profile Simulation PDF
Using ChartField String Favorites in myUF Market Simulation PDF


Completing a Requisition in myUF Market PDF
Using the Product/Keyword Search Simulation PDF
Shopping Using the Punchout Web Sites Simulation PDF
Shopping With a Form for Service Simulation PDF
Shopping Using the Non-Catalog Item Form Simulation PDF
Shopping Using the Supplier Showcase PDF
Using a PCard in myUF Market PDF
Saving and Retrieving Items from My Favorites Simulations PDF
Assigning My Cart to a Requestor Simulation PDF

Requisitions (only for Requestors)

Completing a Requisition in myUF Market Simulation PDF
Completing a Requisition – Commodity Codes PDF
Completing a Requisition – Splitting a Distribution Simulation PDF
Consolidating Carts in myUF Market Simulation PDF
Fixing Rejected Requisitions Simulation PDF
Processing a Cart from a Shopper Simulation PDF
Temporary Substitution for Requestors PDF
Working with Returned Requisitions Simulation PDF

Tracking Orders and Approvals

Using the My Requisitions Page Simulation PDF

Researching Your Orders in myUF Market

Using the Search Export to Research POs and Requisitions Simulation PDF

Approving (only for Approvers)

Approving Requisitions in myUF Market Simulation PDF
Approving Requisitions with Multiple Dept IDs PDF
Temporary Substitution for Approvers PDF



Verifying and/or Approving PCard Transactions Simulation PDF
Adding ChartFields to Multiple Transactions (Using the Distribution Template)

Simulation PDF
Viewing Your Description Field – How to Customize the Reconcile Statements Page Simulation PDF
Deleting Customizatons on PCard Reconciliation Pages PDF
Attaching Images to PCard Transactions PDF


To register for classroom or online courses, click here, log in and click Request Training Enrollment. Search by Course Name or Course Number and select a session that fits your schedule.

  • Take PRO305: Purchasing 101 for policy and important information on contracts.
  • Take PST073: Intro to Purchasing in myUF Market
    Please note that this hands-on class is designed for those employees designatedRequestors. (Those designated Approvers and Shoppers will receive training using web-based tools and instruction guides.) DSAs can request security for Requestors within a day or two after they have attended training.

Security Roles

Lists and descriptions of all UF security roles may be found on the Identity & Access Management website.

myUF Market

  • Shopper
    UF_N_MKT_Shopper_Req (non-permanent staff and faculty)
  • Requestor
  • Approver
    UF_N_MKT_Financial Approver


  • UF_PO_RECEIVER – Review Purchase Orders in myUFL


  • UF_PO_PCARD_HOLDER – This is an end user role granting access to the Pcard module to:
    * View Pcard statements
  • UF_PO_PCARD_RECONCILER – This is an end user role granting access to the Pcard module to:
    * Reconcile Pcard statement
    * Update speedcharts
    * Load procurement card activity reports.
    * Reconcile activity and statements
    * Identify processing errors
    * Assist in resolution of differences between provider and book balances
    * Monitor employee reimbursement. Set default accounting codes
    * Apply UF spending limitations/restriction
    * Review ChartField combination charged
    * Override budget checking
  • UF_PO_PCARD_APPROVER – This is an end user role granting access to the Pcard module to:
    * Reconcile Pcard statements
    * Update speedcharts
    * Confirm receipt of goods/services that promote University business.
    * Approve payment
    * Review and approve transactions to ensure appropriateness of the purchasing activity and timely processing of charges and/or credits.

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