Careers at UF is the system to create and manage electronic job postings at the University of Florida. This toolkit provides resources to assist departmental staff when creating/approving a job requisition, reviewing applicants in the system, using the available reports to analyze applicant trends in individual departments, and to find and view postings among many others.

For Hiring Managers

In addition to the recruitment checklists found in this toolkit, the UF Leadership Toolkit features additional recruitment resources for hiring managers such as “How to Write an Effective Job Posting” and “Behavioral Based Interview Questions.” These and other resources are aimed at supporting hiring managers in conducting effective and productive recruiting efforts and can be found in the Cultivate Talent section.

Recruitment & Staffing

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To locate your department’s Approver and/or Core HR Recruiter click here.

You may notice the navigation in myUFL is different than what is shown in these training resources.  Rest assured, these changes are primarily look and feel differences. All policies and procedures discussed in these materials are accurate and up to date. Training materials will be updated to reflect the new look and menu of myUFL.

Careers at UF Web Simulations and Instruction Guides

Overview of Careers at UF

How To Request a Security Role to Access Careers at UF? Dept Admin PDF
Can Non UF Employees Use the Careers at UF System? Dept Admin PDF
What Do These Icons and Flags Mean to My Recruitment Process? Dept Admin/Hiring Manager PDF
Careers at UF: What Do These Terms Mean? Dept Admin PDF

Advertising the Job Position

How Do I Find a Position Number to Create a Job Requisition? Dept Admin Simulation PDF
As an Approver, What’s My Role in Posting a Job Requisition? Dept Admin Simulation PDF
How Do I Post a Job in Careers at UF? Dept Admin Simulation PDF
How Do I Post OPS and Post Doc Positions in Careers at UF? Dept Admin PDF
How Do I Use the Reference Collection Feature in Careers at UF? Dept Admin PDF

Managing Applicants

How Do I Navigate the Careers at UF System as an Originator/Approver? Dept Admin  PDF
Why Should I Change an Applicant’s Status? Dept Admin Simulation PDF
How to Manage My Job List? Dept Admin Simulation PDF
How is the Export Action Helpful? Dept Admin Simulation PDF
As a Hiring Manager, How Do I Change Statuses in my Applicant Pool? Hiring Manager PDF
What Can I Do In the System as a Hiring Manager? Hiring Manager Simulation PDF
How Do I Review the Applicant Pool? Hiring Manager Simulation PDF
How Do I View Reference Letters and Edit References in Careers at UF? Dept Admin/Hiring Manager PDF
I’m a Search Committee Member: How Do I Review the Applicant Pool? Search Committee PDF

Selecting Candidates

Why Should I Use the Applicant Statuses During My Recruitment Process? Dept Admin/Hiring Manager PDF
How Do I Finalize My Recruitment Process? Dept Admin PDF
What Positions Are Eligible for Veteran’s Preference? Excel
When Should I Use the Communication Templates in Careers at UF? PDF

Recruitment Checklists

Recruitment Checklist – Faculty PDF
Recruitment Checklist – OPS Adjunct Faculty PDF
Recruitment Checklist – Post Doc Associate PDF
Recruitment Checklist – TEAMS Exempt PDF
Recruitment Checklist – TEAMS Non-Exempt PDF


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  • PST098: Careers at UF
    This course covers the Careers at UF job requisition system that departments at UF use to post positions online for hire. Learn how to create and process job requisitions for your department. Understand approval workflow and how an applicant uses the system to search for jobs and submit applications.This is a required course for those who will need to request the roles of UF_N_JRQ Department Req Orig (Originator) or UF_N_JRQ Department Req Appr (Approver). Individuals who will be Originators in Careers at UF must complete PST098 Careers at UF before requesting the Originator or Approver role in myUFL. The individuals who typically serve in the Originator or Approvers roles are department administrators, administrative assistants, and office managers.

Security Roles

For all Careers at UF actions* you need the following security roles:

The Originator security role: UF_N_JRQ Department Req Orig
The Approver security role: UF_N_JRQ Department Req Appr

* Exception: for approving requisitions you must have Approver security role – UF_N_JRQ Department Req Appr
Please note you must complete the PST098: Careers at UF class before you can receive security to become an Originator or Approver.

Other Resources

Contact Information

  • Recruitment & Staffing: 392-2477 (TEAMS, USPS, Non-student OPS)
  • Classification & Compensation: 392-2477 (TEAMS, USPS)
  • Student Employment: 392-0296
  • Academic Personnel: 392-2477 (Faculty)
  • Provost Office, Faculty Development: 392-6004 (Faculty)
  • UF Help Desk (for technical problems): 392-HELP