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The following resources cover several processes for Academic Advising, including viewing student information in the adviser student center, running audits, creating a requirement override, requirement waiver, requirement change, course directives, milestones, reading and writing exceptions, universal tracking and adding and updating an advising note.

Web Simulations and Instruction Guides

Add an Advising Note Simulation PDF
Update an Advising Note Simulation PDF
Make a Requirement Change Simulation PDF
Make a Requirement Waiver Simulation PDF
Make a Requirement Override Simulation PDF
Course Directives Simulation PDF


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PVO100: Academic Advising in myUFL

This instructor-led training class will cover the basics of using UF’s academic advising systems in myUFL. It is required for those requesting access to degree audits and other advising functions.

Security Roles associated with the training


Contact Information

Toby Shorey
Director of Curriculum Monitoring & Analysis
Office of Undergraduate Affairs
238B Tigert Hall