2017-18 Salary Increase Plan FAQ

When will the increases be effective?
Increases to the university minimum wage and any awarded merit raises for eligible employees will be effective January 1, 2018.

Are OPS employees eligible for the minimum wage increase or the merit increases?
No. OPS employees—including house staff, postdoctoral associates, and adjunct faculty—are not included in the salary increase program.

I recently accepted a position with the University. Will I be eligible for the salary increase?
Faculty and staff hired on or before June 30, 2017 are eligible for the salary increase program provided they meet all other eligibility criteria.

I am currently participating in DROP. Will I be eligible for the salary increases?
Yes. Faculty and staff who are currently enrolled in DROP are eligible for the salary increases, provided they meet all other eligibility criteria and are employed when the increases are awarded.

I received a letter of non-reappointment. Am I eligible for the salary increase?
Employees who have received notification of non-renewal or layoff are not eligible for a merit increase. Employees who have received discipline in the form of a written reprimand or who have been suspended since January 1, 2017, as well as employees with “below performance standards” or any below-satisfactory performance designation or faculty who are currently on a “performance improvement plan” are also not eligible for merit increases.

Can a department elect to provide a salary increase greater than 3.0 percent to a staff member or a faculty member?
Yes. No individual percentage limit has been established for eligible faculty or staff members, so long as the total increases awarded do not exceed the total identified merit pool for the unit.

Can departments use departmental funds to increase the merit pools?
No. Departments may not increase the established merit pools of 3.0%.