Performance Appraisals

The University of Florida Performance Management initiative is an appraisal process that will be used to evaluate employees across campus.

  • All appraisals will be completed using the same appraisal period—allowing for more consistency when assessing employees. The appraisals should be completed and returned to HRS by March 31.
  • The evaluation time period will run from March 1 to the last day of February the next year.
  • The appraisal forms include five different ratings­—allowing for more flexibility in providing an overall rating for employees.
  • Effective evaluations provide an opportunity for two-way communication. As a result, the  form for TEAMS non-exempt and USPS employees include a self assessment section which provides an opportunity for the employee to self assess his or her performance.  Although the TEAMS exempt form does not include a self assessment section, it is recommended that TEAMS exempt employees complete a self assessment as part of their evaluation.
  • Consistent criteria in the TEAMS non-exempt and USPS form allows for comparisons across campus: work performance, attendance, customer service, initiative, and teamwork.
  • Managers should identify goals for the upcoming year.
  • Annual performance evaluation  is a good time to review position descriptions to reflect any changes that have occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the type of appraisal to give an employee?

All TEAMS Exempt employees receive a Narrative appraisal which should be attached to the appraisal form for TEAMS exempt employees.  Although the evaluation for TEAMS exempt is in a narrative form, an overall rating should be assigned.  Appraisals for  TEAMS Non-Exempt and ALL USPS employees  should be completed on the Appraisal Form.

Do I need to contact Employee Relations before assigning an overall rating of “below” using the new form?

Yes, as in the past, supervisors should contact Employee Relations before assigning an overall rating of “below” to an employee.  Given the five available ratings, supervisors also are being asked to contact Employee Relations prior to assigning an overall rating of “minimally achieves” to ensure that any other necessary documentation also is in place.  Supervisors may use any of the ratings without consulting Employee Relations on individual evaluative criteria but are asked to discuss issues of concern with Employee Relations if the overall rating will drop below “Achieves.”

Do I conduct performance appraisals for TEAMS exempt employees at the end of their first 6 months? What if their first appointment was a 12-month appointment rather than a 6-month appointment?
All TEAMS exempt employees will be appraised in March regardless of when they started (unless they were hired within 60 days of March 1) – this includes new hires.  However, ongoing evaluation of employees is recommended.

Do TEAMS exempt evaluations need a position description attached?
At this time, HRS is not requesting a position description for TEAMS exempt narratives.