Workplace Disputes

Employee Relations encourages and promotes a positive working relationship among university employees through the efforts of its satellite offices located in the Health Science Center, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), Physical Plant Division (PPD), and HRS Building (which serves the Auxiliaries as well as Education and General [E&G] budgetary units).

These offices provide a comprehensive, service-oriented employee relations agenda. Our staff assist supervisors with coaching and counseling their employees; serve as a mediator at meetings; recommend fair and appropriate disciplinary actions; ensure consistency throughout the University community; and provide accurate information and guidance pertaining to various procedures, policies, and regulations. Our staff also assist employees with the efficient resolution of workplace disputes; oversee the complaint and grievance processes; provide career counseling sessions; and recommend alternative resources as necessary.

Grievances & Complaints

Because the university encourages informal resolution of grievances and complaints, your immediate supervisor is available to help you resolve any work-related concerns or misunderstandings. Should this type of informal resolution be unsuccessful, you may choose to initiate a formal grievance or complaint. USPS and TEAMS employees have different procedures and various options; therefore, please contact your HRS Satellite Office for assistance.

Confidential/Anonymous Hotline Service

If you are not comfortable reporting your concern through the University’s normal administrative channels, the University of Florida has implemented the UF Compliance Hotline, a confidential/anonymous way for you to report concerns of suspected wrongdoing. The UF Compliance Hotline is provided by “The Network,” a company that provides confidential hotline reporting services to many other universities and corporations. The UF Compliance Hotline is operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How to Use the UF Compliance Hotline

There are two methods to use the UF Compliance Hotline:

Phone: 1-877-556-5356

  • You will be greeted by a trained interviewer who documents in detail the situation you describe. You don’t have to give your name, and the call or transaction is not recorded or traced
  • A report number will be assigned. Then, the information will be relayed to the appropriate University office to investigate your concern
  • Using the report number, you may call or email to add more information

Web: Online Reporting Service

Click on the link above and complete all screens of the web form online. You may disclose your name or remain anonymous. When you have completed the web form, press the submit button.