Essential Personnel Emergency Closing Compensation

There may be times when the University closes due to an emergency and essential personnel are required to work. If non-exempt employees are required to work during an emergency closing, in addition to their normal pay, they will earn one hour of compensatory leave for each hour worked during the emergency closing. For example, if a non-exempt employee works during an emergency closing for 8 hours, the employee will be granted 8 hours of compensatory leave.

If the compensatory leave is not used by the employee within six months following its accrual, the employee will be paid for the leave.

Exempt staff employees are eligible for compensatory leave at the discretion of the supervisor. If a supervisor elects to provide compensatory leave, the same rules that apply to non-exempt employees will apply to exempt employees.

Faculty and graduate assistants are not eligible for compensatory leave under this policy.

If you have any questions, please call Employee Relations at (352) 392-1072.