Fraudulent or Other Wrongful Acts

Staff and academic personnel with a reasonable basis for believing fraudulent or wrongful acts have occurred have a responsibility to report such incidents to the Office of Internal Audit (OIA) and should not confront the individuals who may be investigated. Employees also should not initiate investigations on their own because such actions can compromise any ensuing investigations. The OIA will work in consultation with Human Resource Services, university administrators, law enforcement personnel when appropriate, and other levels of management in instances where fraud, including workers’ compensation fraud, or other wrongful acts are suspected. This office also is available to assist with ensuring proper internal controls are in place.

In those instances where the OIA’s investigation indicates the probability of criminal activity, the investigation will be turned over to the university police or other appropriate law enforcement agency. An investigation will be completed expeditiously but always in a thorough manner and in accordance with established procedures. It is the duty of all employees to cooperate fully with those performing an investigation pursuant to this policy. The constitutional rights of those involved always will be observed. When appropriate, the results of an investigation conducted by the OIA will be communicated in a written report to the appropriate university administrators and to the president of the university.

Employees found to have participated in fraudulent or other wrongful acts will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and prosecution if appropriate. Human Resource Services is available to assist with disciplinary matters involving TEAMS and USPS employees and should be consulted prior to taking such actions. Individuals who report suspected fraudulent or other wrongful acts under Section 112.3187, Florida Statutes (Whistle Blower’s Law), and those cooperating with the ensuing investigation will be protected from retaliatory actions.