Sexual Harassment

The University of Florida is committed to maintaining a safe and comfortable workplace and academic environment. Our sexual harassment policy is available in the Office of Human Resource Services and the Institutional Equity and Diversity section of this website. Sexual harassment of employees, students or visitors will not be tolerated by the university.

Sexual harassment occurs in a variety of situations that tend to share a commonality: the inappropriate introduction of sexual activities or comments in a situation where sex would otherwise be irrelevant. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and a violation of state and federal laws as well as of the policies and regulations of the university.

The university’s policy is to protect all members of the community from sexual harassment. As a result, the responsibility for reporting incidents of sexual harassment also must rest with all members of the university community. Any employee, co-worker, or student who has knowledge of sexual harassment is strongly encouraged to report it promptly to the Director of Institutional Equity & Diversity. Employees with supervisory responsibility and faculty who have knowledge of sexual harassment are required to promptly report the matter directly to the Director of Institutional Equity & Diversity, and may be disciplined for failing to do so. It is the university’s goal to process complaints of harassment in a prompt and responsive manner to enable appropriate corrective action.

Call Elnora Mitchell, Institutional Equity & Diversity, at (352) 392-2477 with your questions or concerns about sexual harassment, including information about reporting procedures.

Completion of sexual harassment compliance training is an expectation of employment for all employees at the University. The Office of Human Resource Services provides the Preventing Sexual Harassment online training program to meet compliance training. New hires are expected to complete sexual harassment compliance training within the first 30 days of employment and provide certificate of training completion to appropriate department personnel. Refresher training is expected of all faculty and staff every two years. For more information, please see the Job Requirements section of this website.