Academic & Student Personnel

This section of the HRS website contains links to information categorized by academic pay plans. It is designed to help administrators and staff completing paperwork and transactions to easily find information related to various types of Academic Personnel.

Salaried Faculty: Tenure/Permanent Status-Eligible

Includes Professors, Curators, Librarians, PK Yonge Faculty, Extension Agents, and Eminent Scholars

Salaried Faculty: Non-Tenure/Permanent Status-Eligible

Includes Lecturers, Assistants- and Associates-In, Research Scientists, Scholars, Extension Scientists, and Engineers

OPS Faculty

Includes Adjunct Faculty as well as Phased Retirees

Student OPS Employment

Student OPS Employment assists both students and departments with information regarding part-time employment for students.

Courtesy Appointments

Includes Courtesy, Joint, Affiliate, Affiliated Clinical, and Courtesy Clinical Faculty

Post-Doctoral Associates

Not to be confused with Post-Doc Fellows (see below)

Pre- and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Not to be confused with Post-Doc Associates (see above)

Graduate Assistants

Graduate students on appointment