Employment Verification/Personnel File Review

This page provides information on policies and procedures for employment verification and personnel file reviews in compliance with the Florida Public Records, Section 119 of the Florida Statutes.

The staff members from Processing & Records within Recruitment & Staffing serve as the record custodian for all employee and faculty personnel files, and staff members work closely with the Privacy, General Counsel and News and Public Affairs offices in maintaining and releasing employee information.

Since 2003, the University of Florida began digitizing personnel records.  With the implementation of ePAF, all personnel records are stored electronically.  The staff from the Personnel Records section of Recruitment & Staffing is responsible for filing electronic documents into the appropriate personnel file.

Employee Verification
On of September 1, 2009, the University of Florida began using an automated employment verification service, The Work Number, to assist employees and verifiers with employment and salary verifications.  This fast, secure service is used for mortgage applications, reference checks, loan applications, apartment lease applications, or any reason you may have to verify your University of Florida employment information.  Employees benefit from having control of the process – by authorizing verifiers access salary information.

Personnel File Review

Because the University of Florida is a public institution in Florida, we are governed by the State of Florida Statute, Section 119, regarding public records; thus, personnel file are subject to public review. Private information, such as social security numbers, is exempt from the release.

When a request, including subpoena, is submitted, the Processing and Record staff members will prepare the personnel file for review with the employee’s date of birth, medical information, social security number, evaluative information prior to 7/1/1995, student records/transcript, tenure/promotion packets, home addresses, home phone numbers, emergency contact information, names of children, driver’s license numbers, and UFID numbers redacted.

To review a personnel file, a request can be either hand delivered, faxed or mailed to Recruitment & Staffing.  Upon receipt of the request, Processing & Records has a prescribed number of days under Florida Statute to compile the personnel file for review.  If the request is from an employee who wishes to review his or her own file and if they come in person for the review, by appointment, and with a picture ID, only the information of other people is redacted, i.e. superviro’s UFID’s or SSN’s. If the request is made by the employee’s department or a third party, then we redact according to the Florida Statute and the university’s privacy regulations as listed in the above paragraph.

Cost of Obtaining Personnel File Copies
The first 10 pages of a file copy are free.  Each additional page after the first free 10 pages is charged at $ 0.15 per page and $ 0.20 per page for two-sided copy.  There is a charge of $25.00 per hour for the time involved in producing the copies, if it takes over 30 minutes.  Time is broken down in increment of quarter hours.

If the file is for the employee, then no labor charge is assessed, just copy costs.

Protected Files
There are people who fall under the “Limited Access Records”, i.e. police officers, victims of crimes, students and spouses of law enforcement officers.  We release nothing that would reveal any personal information about the employee or their family covered under this category.