Recruitment Policies

Hiring Policies

Includes information on child labor, departments outside Gainesville, disabled applicants, hiring former UF employees, and Veteran’s Preference

Probationary Periods, Extensions and Notices of Appointment

Upon hire at UF, all new non-exempt employees will serve an initial six-month probationary period, with the exception of those in law-enforcement positions who serve a 12-month probationary period.

TEAMS Employment

Includes an overview of TEAMS employment and answers to questions about TEAMS

Alternate Work Location

Please download this Alternate Work Location Agreement for additional information.

Reemployment Rules Regarding Retirement

Includes information on the Florida Statute under which a retiree, which by statutory definition can occur at any age, may be reemployed at an FRS participating employer.

Modified Work Schedule

Modified work schedules are those that deviate from the traditional schedule of eight hours per day, five days per week. These schedules may be approved based on the needs of the individual workplace but must still adhere to the requirements of the FLSA as well as UF policy.

Outside Employment

As a TEAMS or USPS employee, you may accept employment outside of the University of Florida with the permission of your supervisor so long as this outside employment or activity does not interfere with your duties or obligation to the university. This page details what an employee must do if they have outside employment.

Additional University Employment

This page provides information on forms to fill out, guidelines, and more.

Labor Condition Application Information

In compliance with Department of Labor requirements for employers petitioning for H-1B visas, positions for which the university intends to hire H-1B employees are listed on the the Immigration Compliance Services web site.