Probationary Periods, Notices of Appointment and USPS versus TEAMS

Upon hire at UF, all new employees will serve an initial six-month probationary period, with the exception of those in law-enforcement positions who serve a 12-month probationary period. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the department will issue a one-year letter of appointment, and the appointment would continue to be renewable on an annual basis. Non-exempt employees also will receive a one-year letter of appointment upon promotion, reassignment, or demotion.

USPS employees typically serve a six-month probationary period unless otherwise specified by state regulation or in the event the probationary period is extended. (Six-month probationary periods may be extended for up to six months).

Current employees who elected to remain USPS will be hired into non-exempt positions as USPS and continue to serve a six-month probationary period each time they move to a position with a different title. The only exception to this is if the USPS employee is moving to a position that was formerly classified as A&P or a new TEAMS-only position (a job title that did not exist in USPS).

USPS employees in law enforcement classes attain permanent status after completing 12-month probationary periods.

Upon satisfactory completion of a probationary period, USPS employees gain permanent status in the classification in which they are employed and earn certain benefits as described in detail in theĀ TEAMS and USPS Employee Handbook.

If dismissed during the probationary period, USPS employees do not have the right to appeal the dismissal. In light of this, it is important that employees get feedback from their supervisors while in the probationary period. In addition, to be considered for reemployment with the University of Florida, employees would need to reestablish their credentials over a 12-month period with an employer other than the university before being considered for reemployment.

USPS employees may switch to TEAMS upon moving to another position or may switch during any of the TEAMS open enrollment periods. The effective date of the enrollment will be at the beginning of a pay period. In these cases, the employee must become a TEAMS employee.