New Online: UF On Target Job Classification File
A new UF On Target job classification file intended to provide functionality similar to the raise review process is now available to employees with UF_EPAF_Department Admin and UF_EPAF_Level 1 Approver security roles. This file lists all TEAMS employees in each academic or administrative area. Each university work unit should use this file to indicate new titles for each employee listed, referring to the TEAMS Titles website for appropriate new titles. The titles proposed will be compared to position descriptions on file in the myUFL system by the Classification and Compensation team. After review, new titles will be implemented by job family throughout January and February.

The On Target job classification file will be open Oct. 7 through Nov. 20 and may be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. An instruction guide is available to assist.

New Online: UF On Target Proposed TEAMS Titles
To more fully support UF supervisors, administrators, and staff through the implementation of the UF On Target Classification Project, a new TEAMS Titles website — with job families, series, titles, and detailed descriptions/specifications — has been established and will continue to be developed as the project unfolds.

The site features:

  • Detailed, proposed job specs for over 600 titles in 18 job families
  • FAQs
  • Specific information for campus HR reps and supervisors

Good Job. Right Title. Great Results.

The UF “On Target” Classification Project is designed to identify job titles for TEAMS employees that more accurately reflect what they do.  When implemented, the “On Target” Classification Project will:

  • Provide TEAMS employees with more meaningful job titles that reflect what they do
  • Establish clearer career paths and potential promotional opportunities through logical job groupings
  • Enable UF to align training and development plans with job classifications to better help employees get the training they need
  • Allow for more meaningful performance evaluations tied to the jobs being performed
  • Help recruit great candidates when jobs are vacant because qualified applicants will more readily understand what our job titles mean

This is not a compensation project—employees’ pay is not expected to increase or decrease as a result. Our goal with this project is to create transparency with our classification titles so that they are meaningful, accurate, and show clear career paths:  good job, right title, great results!

For a visual representation of the progress thus far, and a view of what’s to come, click on the thumbnail image below.

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