December 9, 2015

Together, Our Impact is Greater

At UF, we are always working hard and working together to achieve success in the field, the classroom, the laboratory, throughout the state of Florida and around the world.

Our faculty and staff are all part of something much bigger than a university. We possess a single mindset that influences everything we do … that each one of us has a purpose bigger than ourselves. And our individual experiences combine to create moments and to produce discoveries that have a powerful collective impact.

By pulling together and inspiring one another, we contribute every day to UF’s position as a premier public research institution. These contributions directly and significantly impact the local, regional and global economy and environment.

Our research mission and altruistic drive to change the world for the better demonstrate what it truly means to be a Gator.

The University of Florida employs approximately 26,000 employees with a range of job titles, descriptions and pay plans. Each pay plan has its own variation of benefits and employment practices. As a new employee, you may fall into one of three pay plans:

  • Academic Personnel include professors, university librarians, research associates and lecturers—to name a few.
  • TEAMS—Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support—includes employees such as biological scientists, accountants, custodians, program assistants and many more.Note: While some current employees have chosen to remain with an older pay plan, new staff employees are hired under the TEAMS pay plan. The older pay plan is called USPS, or University Support Personnel System.
  • OPS (Other Personnel Services) includes temporary employees who may be eligible for state benefit programs, based on the number of hours worked, and are automatically enrolled in an alternative retirement program.