January 15, 2016

Benefits Eligibility & Enrollment

Part of what makes the University of Florida’s benefits package so appealing is its insurance plans offered through the state of Florida and through UF. Based on your job classification, you may be eligible to enroll in one or more of the benefit programs below. Carefully review all of the options before enrolling to ensure you’ve signed up for the plan you intended and to avoid duplication of enrolling in both a state and UF plan.

Program Eligibility

View this chart to determine which programs you are eligible to enroll in; eligibility is based on your job classification.

Spouses and Dependents

Same-sex spouses are included as eligible dependents for GatorCare and UFSelect Voluntary plans.
The state of Florida now also recognizes same-sex spouses as eligible dependents who may be covered under your health or supplemental insurance plans.
The state does not recognize same- or opposite-sex domestic partners as eligible dependents, while UF will continue to do so.

Certain dependent types may not may not meet eligibility requirements for state/People First plans. Dependent eligibility for state/People First plans can be found here.

If you are enrolled in GatorCare and/or UFSelect Voluntary Benefits, you may also cover your eligible dependents. You must:

  • Register your dependent online in myUFL
  • Enroll each dependent in the appropriate plan. The portal selects the correct tier based on the dependents you’ve added on the plan
  • If your coverage tier is not listed, you may not be eligible for the plan. Contact the Benefits office for guidance.
  • Select the Submit button in myUFL

How to Enroll