Employees in Distress

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UF community members care about each other and proactively reach out to help when needed. U Matter, We Care extends UF’s caring culture by educating our community about signs and symptoms of distress, and providing those in distress with appropriate resources to receive professional assistance.

What to do?

Reach out to those in distress by helping them know how to access resources. It could be your friend, colleague, or loved one who needs support.

Who Can Help?

Employee Assistance Program (352) 392-5787 eap.ufl.edu

Human Resource Services Employee Relations* (352) 392-1072 http://hr.ufl.edu/manager-resources/employee-relations/

Office of Victim Services* (352) 392-5648 police.ufl.edu/ovs/vap.asp

University Police Department (352) 392-1111 police.ufl.edu

*After office hours, call (352) 392-1111

Helping Employees in Distress

UF’s Helping Employees in Distress Resource Guide is a publication designed to explain how UF employees who encounter disruptive or troubled co-workers can obtain assistance. Faculty and staff should realize they are not alone in these situations and that professional assistance is available. Departments may now request a printed version of the document by emailing human-resources@ufl.edu. If you have any questions, please contact Employee Relations, at (352) 392-1072.