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Staff Directory

Office of the Vice President

Jodi Gentry, Vice President
Melissa Curry, Assistant Vice President
Shay Potts, Project Manager
Amber Wuertz, HR Management Analyst
Juliana Bunn, HR Data Analyst
Kara Sue Cobb, Executive Assistant
Marie Johnson, Administrative Specialist

Communication Services and WorkLife

Angie Brown, Assistant Director
Yusof Al-Wadei, Health Promotion Specialist
Rick Bales, Communications Specialist
Jesse Schmidt, Web Developer

Classification and Compensation

Brent Goodman, Associate Director
Kenya Williams, HR Manager
Matthew Glicco, Classification and Compensation Analyst
Brenda MartinClassification and Compensation Analyst
Malia York, Classification and Compensation Analyst

Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Brook Mercier, Director
Ebony Breland-Haynes, Administrative Support Assistant I
Deanna Nelson, Faculty Relations Coordinator

E&G, Workers Compensation, CDL, Unemployment Comp

Kevin Clarke, Associate Director
Jennifer Munroe, Employee Relations Specialist II
Nadja Schimmel-Cruz, Employee Relations Specialist II
Tara Hetsler, Workers Compensation Specialist

Business Affairs ER Satellite Office

Rebecca Wright, Assistant Director
Noelle Bulley, Employee Relations Specialist III
Marfa Ogden, Administrative Support Assistant II
Sharon Redman, Employee Relations Specialist II
Hope Seay, Employee Relations Specialist II

Health Center ER Satellite Office

Keisha Reynolds, Assistant Director
Holly Hanna, Employee Relations Specialist II
William Stephens, Employee Relations II

IFAS ER Satellite

Leticia Forster, Manager, Employee Relations

Employee Relations Investigators

Noah Deutsch, Investigator
Octavio Aguero, Investigator
Petra Pindar, Investigator

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding


John Sun, Assistant Director
Marjorie Belcher, OPS
Hal Courson, Employment Specialist II
Christina Salva, Talent Consultant
Birdella Williams, Senior HR Representative

Employee Operations & Records

Cynthia Mendoza, Manager
Nerea Anaya-Dominguez, Employment Specialist I
Debra Certain, HR Representative
Patricia Cook, Employment Specialist I
Jeff Durant, Employment Specialist II
Endrina Fernandez, Employment Specialist I
Justin Herres, Employment Specialist I
Dana Smith, Employment Specialist I
Brandon Saldana, Employment Specialist I
Johannes Traster, Employment Specialist II


Chanra Kong, Imaging Assistant

Immigration Services

Haley Tsai, Manager
Allison Wilson, Immigration Specialist I

Strategic Talent Group

Ashley Jacobs, Talent Consultant
Erica Hardin, Employment Specialist II

Service Center

Lisa Robinson, HR Service Center Representative
Nannette Tillman, HR Service Center Representative

Training and Organizational Development

Bob Parks, Director
Scott Blades, Assistant Director
Irma Alvarez, Organizational Development Specialist
Tricia Bachus, Sr. Leadership & Organizational Development Specialist
Gwynn Cadwallader, GBAS Training Manager
Verlissa Ford, HR Specialist II
Ronald Grant, Human Resources Assistant
Sarah Hanson, Training Coordinator
Nikki Lyons, Instructional Designer Coordinator
Ronda Mitchell, Training Coordinator
Courtney Moon, Training Coordinator
Jennifer Seitz, Training System Administrator
Brandon Telg, Instructional Designer II
Rebecca Younglove, Senior Leadership Development Professional

University Benefits

Shannon Edwards, Director
Victoria Peprah-Asante, Assistant Director
Jayne Defend, Assistant Director
Erin Session, Benefits Reconciliation Manager
Jason Talbert, Leave Manager
Kay Barrera, Benefits Specialist II
Amanda Campbell, Benefits Specialist I
Alisha Hargon, Benefits Specialist II
Jacqueline Howerton, HR Systems Administrator
Kayla Hudson, Benefits Specialist II
Eric Kegley, Benefits Specialist II
Joey Quirin, Benefits Specialist II
Sylvia Robertson, Benefits Specialist II
Debbie Sellers, Benefits Specialist II
Vicki Schubring, Benefits Specialist I
Felicia Thomas, Benefits Specialist II
Johnathan Thomas, Benefits Specialist II
Richard Vallance, Benefits Specialist I
Sabrina Walker, Benefits Specialist II
Connie Watson, Benefits Specialist I
Jeremy Lesifko-Bremer, Benefits Specialist II