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Staff Directory

Office of the Vice President

Melissa Curry, Interim Vice President
Brook Mercier, Assistant Vice President
Bob Parks, Interim Assistant Vice President
Sommer Green, Executive Assistant
Kiyesha Brooks, Administrative Specialist I

Office of Strategic Initiatives

Amber Wuertz, Director
Florencia Otegui, Project Manager II

Classification and Compensation

Brent Goodman, Director
Malia York, Manager
Melissa Beatty, Classification and Compensation Analyst II
Carolynne Standish, Classification and Compensation Analyst II
Marfa Ogden, Classification and Compensation Analyst II

HR Data Services & People Analytics

Juliana Bunn, HR Data Analyst

Communications and Worklife

Angie Brown, Director
Rick Bales, Assistant Director
Patricia Alba, Communications Specialist
Natalie Lezcano, Wellness Coordinator
Dan Ypsilanti, Web Developer

Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Robert Cancellieri, Director
Ebony Breland-Haynes, Administrative Support Assistant I

E&G, Workers Compensation, CDL, Unemployment Comp

Rebecca Wright, Associate Director
Patricia Chiappini, Workers Comp Specialist
Ron Casper, Employee Relations Specialist II
Holly Hanna, Employee Relations Specialist II

Business Affairs ER Satellite Office

Leticia Forster, Assistant Director
Hailey Santerfeit, Human Resources Assistant
Hope Seay, Human Resources Generalist III
Sean Tate, Employee Relations II
Nilka Vega-Vazquez, Human Resources Specialist I

Health Center ER Satellite Office

David Fox, Assistant Director
Edrico Ambrister, Employee Relations Specialist II
Jennifer Adjetey, Employee Relations Specialist II
Brenda Martin, Employee Relations Specialist II

IFAS ER Satellite

Catherine Ciminillo, Manager, Employee Relations

Employee Relations Investigators

Noah Deutsch, Investigator
Petra Pindar, Investigator
Terrence Taladua, Investigator

Employment Operations & Records

Johannes Traster, Manager
Janet Ali, HR Office Assistant
Nerea Anaya-Dominguez, Employment Specialist II
Medhavi Banskota, HR Office Assistant
Debra Certain, Senior HR Representative
Zialee Crudup, HR Office Assistant
Patricia Cook, Employment Specialist II
Brianna Edwards, HR Office Assistant
Ian Foreman, Employment Specialist I
Miranda Haire, Employment Specialist II
Erica Hardin, Employment Specialist III
Peggy Laguerre, Employment Specialist II
Jacob Poirier, Employment Specialist I

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding

Audrey Gainey, Director


John Sun, Associate Director
Christina Salva, Manager
Rachel Blue, Talent Acquisition Specialist II
Joseph David, Talent Acquisition Specialist II
Jackie Gilbert, Talent Acquisition Specialist II
Birdella Williams, Employment Specialist II

Immigration Services

Michele Shepherd, Immigration Specialist III
Sajmir Xhikola, Immigration Specialist II

Strategic Talent Group

Mercedes Swan, Manager
Devan Brown, Talent Consultant
Mackenzie Burkett, Talent Consultant

Training and Organizational Development

Bob Parks, Senior Director
Gwynn Cadwallader, Assistant Director
Irma Alvarez, Organizational Development Specialist
Tricia Bachus, Sr. Leadership & Organizational Development Specialist
Verlissa Ford, HR Specialist II
Sarah Hanson, Training Coordinator
Nicole Harris, Instructional Designer II
Karina Kolb, Instructional Designer II
Natacha Miller, HR Systems Administrator
Ronda Mitchell, Training Coordinator
Courtney Moon, Training Coordinator
Shannon Powell, Instructional Designer III
Brandon Telg, Instructional Designer II
Rebecca Younglove, Senior Leadership Development Professional
Kandice Lloyd-Weech, Educational Training Specialist I

University Benefits

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Welcome Center

Cierra Mackey, Receptionist