Florida Retirement System Investment Plan

Investment Plan Overview

The FRS Investment Plan is a defined-contribution plan that allows participants to choose how to invest the money in their account. The benefit is based on the amount contributed and its growth over time.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Faculty (Exception: College of Medicine and Health Science Center faculty participate in the SUSORP)

Enrollment for New Employees

  • Exempt/salaried employees:
  • Nonexempt/hourly employees:

Except for College of Medicine and Health Science Center faculty, law enforcement, and some rehired retirees, all FRS-eligible employees will default to this plan after eight months from hire if no election is made. Interest on contributions will not begin accruing until an employee either elects the Investment Plan or defaults into it.

Contribution Rates

  • Employer: 8.3%
    • Note: Employers also pay Admin/UAL fees to State of Florida. Therefore, the employer contribution you see on your paychecks will be higher than the amount deposited into your account.
  • Mandatory Employee: 3.00% of biweekly earnings.
  • Voluntary Employee contributions are not permitted to this plan.


  • Contacts
    • Free FRS Financial Advisors: (866) 446-9377
    • Division of Retirement (DOR): (844) 377-1888

Loans/Hardship Withdrawals

Loans and hardship withdrawals are not permitted.

Update My Beneficiary

Complete the FRS Investment Plan Beneficiary Designation Form and fax it to FRS at (850) 410-2010.

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