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What’s changing for 2017?

State-sponsored plans

There will be rate changes to state plans effective 1/1/2017.

  • Health insurance employee contribution amounts are unchanged for full-time employees.
  • Health Insurance plan costs are increasing for part-time employees due to the increase in UF’s employer contribution and employee cost sharing based on FTE.
  • Supplemental plans will have small rate increases.

Note:  Premium changes to state plans are reflected on paychecks beginning in December since deductions for state plans are taken a month in advance.

GatorCare Health plans

There will be a pharmacy deductible for Tier 2-5 prescription drugs beginning 1/1/2017 for all groups except GatorGradCare (GA plan)

  • The deductible will be $100 per subscriber with a $400 family maximum.
  • GatorCare members should contact Magellan Pharmacy Solutions at the phone number on the back of their insurance ID card to determine if less expensive alternative medications are available in Tier 1.
  • More information is found on the GatorCare website here: http://gatorcare.org/pharmacy/

Flexible Spending Accounts

The Internal Revenue Service recently announced a $50 increase for the 2017 plan year annual contribution limit for healthcare and limited purpose flexible spending accounts.

  • The Healthcare Flexible Spending Account Limit has increased to $2,600. More information is available here.

Published: September 30th, 2016

Category: Benefits