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FLARE retirement course offerings in January

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FLARE courses can help employees make educated decisions regarding personal finance and retirement.

UF to remain open Monday, Dec. 24

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While Dec. 24 will not be considered a holiday, employees may use vacation leave that day with the permission of their supervisor.

Reflections on Retirement: A mindset of preparing at every age

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For the last part in UF at Work’s retirement series, we’re offering some words of wisdom from our UFHR colleagues and a retirement vendor.

Contributing one-time performance payments to a 403(b)

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Employees interested in contributing all or a portion of their one-time performance payment to their 403(b) may do so using the One-Time Performance Payout Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) form.

Reflections on Retirement: Tools to make sense of it all

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For part three of UF at Work’s retirement series, learn about tools and resources that shed light on the different facets of planning for retirement.

December leave cash-out Nov. 2–15

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If you are a TEAMS employee, you may be eligible to cash out up to 16 hours of vacation leave during the pay period of Nov. 2 to 15.

Sick Leave Pool enrollment deadline is Oct. 31

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Members of the Sick Leave Pool may draw upon the pool — with approval from the Sick Leave Pool Committee — when all individually accrued leave hours have been depleted due to personal, not family, catastrophic injury or illness.

Don’t Forget About GatorPerks This Fall

GatorPerks offers discounts at local restaurants and stores, home goods, pet services, and health and wellness businesses.

IRS Form 1095 to be Distributed to Employees

In early 2017, employees will again receive an IRS form to assist with their income tax returns—1095-C: Employer Provided Insurance Offer and Coverage. Normally, this IRS information statement, which reports health coverage information from the preceding calendar year, is furnished by Jan. 31. However, for the 2016 forms, the IRS announced that employers have until […]

What’s changing for 2017?

State-sponsored plans There will be rate changes to state plans effective 1/1/2017. Health insurance employee contribution amounts are unchanged for full-time employees. Health Insurance plan costs are increasing for part-time employees due to the increase in UF’s employer contribution and employee cost sharing based on FTE. Supplemental plans will have small rate increases. Note:  Premium […]