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Guidance on COVID-19 Response for UF Employees

The diagram below outlines steps to take when a non-clinical UF employee exhibits COVID-19-like symptoms. While we hope these guidelines will help answer most of the questions you may have, if you find that your particular scenario is not addressed here, or if you need immediate assistance, please contact your Employee Relations Representative. The Department of Health COVID Operations at UF team is also available to answer questions. To reach them, please call (352) 273-9790.

Download a PDF version of the diagram by clicking on the image below.

Healthcare workers and those working in a clinical setting should reference the Emerging Issues site on UF Health Bridge for specific instructions.

Definition of Close Contact: Being within 6 feet of an individual for at least 15 minutes starting from 48 hours before the start of symptoms until the time the person is isolated, or contact with infectious secretions (i.e. from coughing).