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Am I Eligible?

With the passing of the Emergency Family Medical Leave Extension Act (EFMLEA), employees will now be entitled to additional leave benefits under the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) if they:

  1. Have been a UF employee for at least thirty (30) days
  2. Have not exhausted their annual FMLA entitlement*
  3. Cannot work or telework due to having to care for their child (under eighteen years of age), if the child’s school or place of care has been closed, or the childcare provider* is unavailable due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

* Time taken under the EFMLEA will be factored into an employee’s annual FMLA entitlement.
* A childcare provider is defined in H.R.6201 as “a provider who receives compensation for providing childcare services on a regular basis.”

What are the benefits?

An employee who meets these criteria would be entitled to up-to 12 workweeks of protected leave.

  • Weeks 1-2 (Unpaid, Protected Leave)
    • Employees may use personally accrued leave or leave without pay.
    • Emergency Paid Sick Leave can be used by those who qualify.
  • Weeks 3 – 10: (Paid, Protected Leave)
    • Employees receive 2/3 of their rate of pay for each hour of absence, up to $200/day.
    • Employees may use personally accrued leave to make-up the difference between pay under the entitlement and their full pay.

An eligible employee may use this time intermittently if they are able to work or telework on a part-time basis with the prior approval of their supervisor and/or HR administrator.

How do I request to use EFMLEA?

If you believe that you are eligible, log into myUFL and submit a request form available at the path below or ask that your supervisor or HR administrator do so on your behalf:

Main Menu -> Self Service -> Benefits -> E-FMLA Request

A quick guide for completing the form yourself can be found here.

You will receive an email from UFHR once your request has been reviewed confirming the designation of your leave and the number of hours of EFMLEA leave to which you are entitled.

General questions regarding EFMLEA can be found in the list of FAQs found here.