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FMLA Leave Reports

Prompts on date range and TRC code(s) and UFID. Details cumulative college or department hours for FMLA. These reports would be helpful in answering questions like:

• Are any college- or departmental-level employees recording FMLA leave without authorization?
• How many employees within a specific unit are recording FMLA during any given period of time?
• Is an employee using FMLA leave consistent with the expectations provided by UFHR Central-Leave?
• Has an employee exhausted their FMLA entitlement?
• How many hours of remaining FMLA leave does an employee have available?

Report Fields

  • Department Code
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Record
  • Name
  • Date Used
  • Quantity
  • Time Reporting Code

FMLA Leave by Department FMLA Leave By Employee ID