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Leave Accrual, Usage, and Balances

Prompts on pay date, department, and/or UFID. Details leave accrual, usage, and balances for a department or college or UFID. These reports would be helpful in answering questions like:

• What is the monetary value of leave for a department or individual? Total value proposition, new hires counter offers. Calculate cash out, early retirement. Calculate cash out, termination.
• What is the average ratio between hours taken and hours earned in each pay period?
• How many hours does a given employee have available for use?
• Do accruals for new hires match the expected values?
• Has an employee recorded their leave properly?
• What is an employee’s historical leave use and accrual, per payroll period?

Report Fields

  • Department
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Record
  • Job Title
  • Name
  • Salary Plan Code
  • Accrual Process Date
  • Beginning Balance
  • Benefit Plan
  • Ending Balance
  • Hours Adjusted During PP
  • Hourly Rate
  • Leave Value
  • Hours Taken During PP
  • Hours Earned During PP
  • Department Code
  • FTE

Leave Accruals, Usage, and Balances By Pay Period, Department Leave Accruals, Usage, and Balances By PPE, EmpID