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  • Departments working to enable their employees to work from an alternate location may wish to consider the following best practices:

    Designate an alternate work location task force

    Depending on the size of your unit, consider implementing a task force to manage alternate work location protocols and procedures for your department.

    Complete Remote Work File

    UF Human Resources has opened a file in myUFL to enable colleges and departments to efficiently place employees in alternate work location status. Please see the UF Remote Work Instruction Guide for details.

    Engage your team

    Effective remote teamwork requires entire units to embrace technology and proactive communication in ways that may be new and challenging to traditional ways of working. You can support your team’s success by:

    • Scheduling a conversation about what it would look like for your team to begin working remotely
    • Assessing computer, internet and software needs
    • Discussing and agreeing upon team members’ communication preferences
    • Documenting and sharing best practices and plans

    Enable and encourage ongoing communication

    Ongoing communication is the most important part of effective remote teamwork. Working online can be isolating without regular contact with supervisors and colleagues. By creating the expectation that an entire team will communicate regularly with one another, members will feel connected regardless of where they are.