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Children in the Workplace

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  • Policy Title: Children in the Workplace
    Type of Policy: UFHR – ER
    Last Revised: September 25, 2018

    1. Purpose
      The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for creating a supportive working environment for employees to meet family obligations and to outline when children can appropriately be present within the UF workplace.​
    2. Scope
      This policy applies to all University of Florida employees.
    3. Policy Statement
      The University of Florida recognizes that family is important. There are many opportunities for children to be on campus for special events.  However, it is generally not appropriate for children of any age to be in the workplace on a regular basis, such as after/before school or on regularly scheduled school holidays.
    4. Procedures
      • 4.1-Permitted Practices
        Generally, children are not permitted in workplace. However, some exceptions apply. With supervisory approval, children may be brought to the workplace by an employee for brief visits. Children must be supervised by their parent or guardian at all times during these visits.Approval is at the sole discretion of the supervisor and there is no burden of justification on the supervisor for turning down the request.Circumstances in which employees may, with supervisor approval, bring children into the workplace include:

        • Brief Visits – an employee brings his/her child to introduce to co-workers;
        • Specific campus events – events at the University that are employer-sanctioned and whose attendance by children is encouraged; and
        • In the event of an emergency with no other alternatives. The stay should not exceed one (1) hour.

        The child’s presence must not disrupt the work or school environment or negatively impact productivity. Children are not allowed in areas containing confidential information. Sick children are not allowed in the workplace.

        Children are not permitted in any hazardous area. Areas of campus that are considered hazardous include but are not limited to:

        • Power plants, mechanical rooms, confined spaces, food preparation areas;
        • Any areas, indoors or out, containing power tools or machinery with exposed moving parts or rotating equipment;
        • Areas with excessive noise, temperatures, or pollutants;
        • University vehicles, heavy duty or other motorized equipment;
        • Any other high-risk areas (rooftops, construction zones, etc.);
        • Laboratories or other specialized work areas that include chemicals, biological hazards, radioactive hazards, flammables, explosives, compressed gasses, sharp objects, lasers, animals, or hazardous wastes; and
        • Patient treatment areas.
    5. Policy Inquiries
      The following is the department, office, or individual is responsible for overseeing implementation of and assuring compliance with this policy. Any individual with questions about the policy should contact:UFHR – Employee Relations
      903 W. University Avenue
      P.O. Box 115000
      Gainesville, FL 32611
      Phone: (352) 392-1072
      Email: EmployeeRelations@hr.ufl.edu (to expedite a response, please include the phrase “Children in the Workplace” in the subject line of any email inquiries or reports)
    6. Enforcement
      Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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    Policy History

    Revision Date Author Description
    09-25-2018 UFHR – Employee Relations General policy update and adoption of UF HR policy template