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Emergency Consultation Compensation

Type of Policy: UF HR – Classification and Compensation
Effective Date: December 2018
Last Revised: December 2018


This policy clarifies Emergency Consultation Compensation as set forth in UF Regulation 1.101 – Compensation. This policy provides additional information regarding non-exempt employees called at home to assist with emergencies, this is considered “time worked” and must be recorded as such.


This policy applies to non-exempt TEAMS, USPS, and OPS appointments.

Policy Statement

If non-exempt employees are called at home to assist with emergencies, this is considered “time worked” and must be recorded as such. Only non-exempt employees are covered by this policy.

Management should avoid calls to non-exempt employees at home after their regular work hours if the employees are not officially “on-call” (see On-Call Pay and Callbacks). Non-exempt employees may be called in emergency situations with the approval of appropriate supervisors.

Time spent by non-exempt employees who respond to off-duty calls will be considered “time-worked,” and the employees will be compensated for a minimum of 15 minutes. Time worked should be documented on the employee’s time record. Supervisors will be held accountable for all off-duty time worked by an employee. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) states that “work performed at home must be counted as time worked if the employer knows or has reason to believe the work is being performed.”

On-call and callback policies will continue to apply to situations where employees are instructed to remain available to work during off-duty periods.


Payment of emergency consultation compensation is initiated in PeopleSoft’s Time & Labor process using the appropriate time reporting codes.

For additional information please see UF HR – Time and Labor myUFL Toolkits

Reporting Questions or Violations

The following is the department [is responsible for overseeing implementation of and assuring compliance with this policy. This is who to contact with questions about the policy or to report suspected violations:

UF Human Resources
Classification & Compensation
903 W. University Ave.
PO Box 115009
Gainesville, FL 32611-5009
(352) 273-2842
compensation@ufl.edu, http://hr.ufl.edu


Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


UF HR – Time and Labor myUFL Toolkits

Related Information

UF Reg. 1.0101, Compensation

Policy History


Revision Date Author Description
01/07/2003 Classification & Compensation, UFHR Policy initially adopted
12/11/2018 Classification & Compensation, UFHR Revision to Procedures, Resources updated