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Faculty & Staff Name/Gender Change

Type of Policy: UF HR – Employment Operations & Records (Recruitment & Staffing)
Effective Date: December 2018
Last Revised: December 2018


This policy informs current and former employees about when and how they may change their legal name and/or identified gender at the University of Florida and how they may change their display and directory name.


The university will maintain the employee’s legal name as it is reflected in the person’s social security card as the Business Name of an individual. Employees are also able to change their Display and/or Directory Names by logging in the university’s portal, myUFL.

Policy Statement

Employees who have legally changed their name and/or identified gender may also have their University of Florida records reflect these changes by requesting UFHR to change their Business Name and identified gender in the myUFL portal. The request to change the Business Name must be supported by a copy of the updated social security card.

At any time, employees may change, correct, or update their Display and Directory Name (including preferred prefix) in the myUFL system. No supporting documents are required for these updates. Such changes only impact information shared in the Directory. Employee records will not reflect such Directory changes.

The University of Florida’s myUFL system is limited to two options when it comes to identifying sex (i.e., Male or Female). The university recognizes that these options are indicators of sex typically assigned at birth. The university recognizes that the two-option list does not include a wider variety of gender identities.

When an employee contacts UFHR to request to change the employee’s self-identified sex, UFHR will submit the change. No supporting medical or legal documentation is required.


To request Business Name change

  1. Obtain an updated copy of your Social Security card
  2. Complete the Name and/or Gender Change Form
  3. Submit form to UFHR

To change Display Name and/or Directory Name

  1. Visit my.ufl.edu
  2. Click the login button
  3. Enter gatorlink and password
  4. Select Main Menu > My Account > Update My Directory Profile
  5. Enter desired display name and/or director name

Reporting Questions or Violations

The following is the department responsible for overseeing implementation of and assuring compliance with this policy.

UF Human Resources
Employment Operations & Records
903 W. University Ave.
PO Box 115009
Gainesville, FL 32611-5009
(352) 392-2477


Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


Definitions and Terms (if applicable)

Legal Name: A “legal name” is the name legally given to an individual, which may appear on a birth certificate, a court order, or certificate of naturalization.

Business Name: UF Business Name is the official name in the myUFL portal. This name is typically entered during the hire process and it must match the name listed in the social security card.

Directory Name: The Directory Name field is used as a search value to locate an individual in the UF Active Directory. It is also used in some campus email systems.

Display Name: The Display Name is the name displayed on the UF Directory (online phonebook). For example, using “Bob” instead of “Robert” or “John Doe” instead of “Michael J. Doe.” This field entry can be modified by each individual.

Employee Records: “Employee records” are those that document an employee’s hiring, separation, benefits, payroll information, and conduct at the University of Florida.

Additional Documents

Name and/or Gender Change Form

Related Information

Policy History

Revision Date Author Description
12/19/2018 Employment Operations & Records (Recruitment & Staffing) Policy initially adopted