Graduate Assistant Leave

Graduate assistants at UF are eligible for a leave of absence under the following circumstances:

  • Disability, illness, jury duty, required U.S. military service, or when unable to perform because the employee’s presence is required elsewhere due to injury, illness, or death in the immediate family.
  • University closures on state holidays or during declared emergencies (unless duties are required).
  • Professional licensing exams or non-departmental professional development events.

GAU Contract Article 8 contains detailed information about GA leaves of absence.



Types of Leave

Personal Time with Pay

Graduate assistants receive 5 days per semester, credited at the start of each semester. Days are used in 1-day increments for various circumstances. Personal time is not cumulative and is managed at the department level.

Paid Family Leave

Graduate assistants are entitled to 8 weeks of leave within a 12-month timeframe for reasons such as the birth, adoption, or fostering of a child, or for addressing the serious health condition of the employee or an immediate family member. To be eligible the GA must:

    • Be in the second semester of employment.
    • Provide 30 days’ notice (or 24 hours in emergencies) of the leave of absence.

Paid Family Leave provided to graduate assistants is exclusively related to the graduate assistant’s appointment and assignment. Any academic/student leave requests must be made and approved through the appropriate University process. If the graduate assistant is taking a leave of absence due to a medical condition, please visit  the Dean of Students Medical Petition Portal and complete any necessary paperwork.

Before beginning the paid family leave of absence, it is the graduate assistant’s  responsibility to contact their academic advisor to determine how the leave of absence may impact the graduate assistant’s academic progress.

To request Paid Family Leave , please complete the Extended Leave of Absence Request Form.

Research Leave

Graduate assistants can request unpaid leave for up to a year for academic research, subject to university approval. The employment status is maintained.



Benefits During a Leave of Absence

During the graduate assistant’s leave of absence, their GatorGradCare coverage will continue. The graduate assistant is responsible for the employee’s share of the monthly premium if the leave is unpaid, which can be collected in advance if possible or upon return from their leave. If applicable, the University’s tuition waiver is also to be maintained.



Need Help?

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