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Manager Resources

Get the information you need to manage your team effectively.

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myUFL Toolkits

Visit the Toolkits Resource Center on the the HR Learn & Grow website to access task-specific training for you our your team members.

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Time Away

Visit the Time Away page on the HR Benefits website for all the information you need about employees’ time off.

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The UF HR Leadership website is a great resource to help you enhance your career and ensure that you have a health, productive relationship with your staff by growing your leadership skills.

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Recruitment & Staffing

  Strategic Talent Search The Strategic Talent Group is University of Florida’s internal search team. By identifying, attracting, and engaging the strongest talent, we contribute to the Gator Good. Prospective Employees Interested in working at UF? Visit this page to learn more about our applicant process, job postings and more.…... Learn More

Classification & Compensation

Helpful Links Working Title Policy Forms and Publications TEAMS Titles website Team Department Assignments UF’s Classification and Compensation system provides a basis of common understanding through a system of class titles, and is designed to ensure that staff positions similar in duties and responsibilities are grouped together. The classification and compensation practices also facilitate…... Learn More

Employee Relations

Overview Employee Relations seeks to be a trusted resource to all University of Florida employees, as well as a strategic partner to supervisors, managers, and faculty leaders. We work to promote an environment where all employees can be productive and successful in achieving their professional and career goals, and are…... Learn More