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  • What is a furlough?

    A furlough is a temporary unpaid partial or full leave of absence in the form of voluntary or mandated time away from work. A full furlough is an extended leave of absence without pay lasting one or more pay periods. A partial furlough is leave without pay assigned in hours or days and is not a complete loss of pay during a pay period.

    Why would a furlough be used?

    UF allows the use of furloughs as a job preservation tool to mitigate financial and other adverse budgetary conditions, in lieu of layoffs or other separations from employment.

    Circumstances surrounding the application of furloughs in the college/unit

    Colleges/units would create a plan for implementation of a furlough that can include any employees, for any amount of hours and/or any particular days for furlough.  The plan would require review by UFHR Employee Relations, and approval by the college’s/unit’s , Dean, Vice President, as well as approval by the UFHR Vice President.

    A unit may choose to seek and accept volunteers for furloughs if deemed appropriate by the college/unit.

    Furlough Policy

    This policy provides the framework for implementing employee furloughs. While the University strives to maintain stable employment and business continuity, it also recognizes that there are situations that will require necessary actions to mitigate financial and other adverse conditions. Read the full furlough policy.

    Notice Period

    Typically, employees will receive notice no less than 30 calendar days prior to the start of a furlough assignment.  Furlough notices will be issued to the employee via in-person meetings, email, or certified mail.

    The notice will include but is not limited to the following information:

    • The effective date of the furlough
    • The duration of the furlough
    • The anticipated full return to work date
    • Anticipated number of furloughed hours per pay period
    • Specific furloughed days and/or hours
    • Adjustments to work assignments as a result of the furlough, if applicable

    All the information listed above may be subject to change during the furlough period.

    Benefits While on Furlough

    Regardless of the type of furlough (full/partial), benefits-eligible employees will continue to be eligible for benefits while on furlough.

    • Leave
      • Furloughed employees who remain in partial paid status will continue to accrue leave at the appropriate prorated amount based on actual hours worked.
      • Employees may not use paid leave to cover their time away during a furlough assignment.
    • Insurance
      • Employees are responsible for payments of their portion of insurance premiums.  These payments are made directly to the state for state benefits and to UF for GatorCare and UF Select benefits. Employees should contact the UFHR Benefits department with questions regarding these payments.
      • In the case of a partial furlough assignment, if the pay for hours worked does not cover the employee insurance deductions, the employee is responsible for paying their portion out of pocket.
    • Retirement
      • Employees’ continuous service, including for retirement purposes, length of service and anniversary date will not be impacted by a furlough. Retirement contributions are impacted.
    • Employee Education Program and Higher Education Opportunity
      • Employees will remain eligible for participation in EEP and HEO during furlough, provided they continue to meet all other program eligibility requirements.

    Unemployment Benefits

    Florida’s unemployment insurance program is called Reemployment Assistance. Employees on furlough can apply online to receive monetary assistance although in the event of a partial furlough, eligibility to receive this benefit is based on the amount of income that continues to be received.

    Unemployment Eligibility & How to Apply: stateofflorida.com/articles/florida-unemployment

    Time Entry while on Furlough

    Exempt and non-exempt employees must account daily for all hours worked and not worked during any workweek while on a furlough.

    For days/hours not worked due to a furlough, this must be recorded using the relevant time reporting code of LWOP-Furlough.

    Employees placed on a full furlough should discuss time entry procedures with their supervisor or designated HR liaison.

    Employees on full or partial furloughs during a holiday period would not be eligible for Holiday pay unless in pay status a reasonable amount of time the workday before

    Payroll Deductions

    For employees on full furlough that have automatic deductions from their paychecks for things like parking and rec center membership, please see contact details and information below:

    Transportation and Parking (352) 392-3261

    • Deductions for parking decals will be paused for those placed on full furloughs. While on furlough, your decal will remain in good standing if you need to come to campus.

    UF Recreational Sports (352) 846-1081

    • Contact Recreational Sports for information about membership deductions and options during furloughs.

    Questions? Schedule an Appointment with HR

    Employee Relations

    General questions and guidance.

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    Retirement, Benefits and Insurance


    Guides for Staff and Supervisors

    • Staff Guide for Furloughs (PDF) – Coming Soon
    • Supervisor Guide for Furloughs (PDF) – Coming Soon

    Outside Activities while on Furlough

    Regardless of whether an outside activity occurs during a university assignment or appointment, employees must disclose outside activities with the Conflicts of Interest (COI) Program.

    The UF COI Program serves as a central hub for UF employees seeking information about their disclosure responsibilities pursuant to federal, state and institutional requirements.

    University Activities

    Although employees should not be working during a furlough, you will continue to have access to UF email and other various university systems. While on furlough, you may come to campus for non-work-related activities such as attending sporting events, visiting museums, etc.

    Additional Notes:

    • If, during the furlough, an employee needs assistance with time reporting, they should consult with their supervisor or unit’s HR Liaison.
    • For UFIT assistance with expired Gatorlink passwords, contact the UFIT Help Desk at 352-392-HELP or at helpdesk.ufl.edu.
    • During a full or partial furlough, employees remain eligible to complete the weekly COVID-19 screening questionnaire and register for COVID-19 testing through ONE.UF, and may sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, if available.

    Upon Returning to Work from Furlough

    The end date of the furlough will be indicated in the Furlough Notice provided by the unit. Unless notified otherwise, an employee is expected to return to normal working hours on the date indicated in that Furlough Notice. Contact the supervisor or Human Resources Liaison if there are questions about the return to work date.

    If an employee is required to return to work earlier than the date indicated on the Furlough Notice, their department will provide the employee with seven (7) days’ written notice prior to the amended return date.

    Available Resources

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Employees and members of their household are eligible to utilize EAP services during the time they are placed on furlough.  The UF Employee Assistance Program offers someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever and wherever you need them. All UF faculty, staff, graduate assistants, non-student OPS employees, house staff/residents, and postdoc associates as well as their household members are eligible to receive services, which include mental health resources and support related to debt management and financial planning.

    The EAP provides support including:

    • 24/7 access to a licensed counselor
    • Telehealth services available
    • 6 free visits per person, per household, per event, per calendar year

    Call 833.306.0103 and visit eap.ufl.edu for more information.


    The UF GatorPerks discount program provides exclusive discounts for current UF faculty and staff. Employees, including those who are on furlough, have to opportunity to save at various businesses and retailers.

    Visit benefits.hr.ufl.edu/gatorperks/discount-program for more information.

    Family Resource Coordinator

    UFHR has dedicated a member of its benefits team to serve as a family resource coordinator to help acquaint faculty and staff with family resources and to provide information on FMLA and paid family leave policies. Contact the family resource coordinator at familyresources@hr.ufl.edu.