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Resources for TEAMS Employees

  • Talent Acquisition and Onboarding
  • Classification & Compensation
  • Employment Operations and Records
  • Employee Relations
  • Below you will find both resources to support you as you access the Performance Notes system to keep track of your own performance as well as job aids to support you in using the new UF Engaged module in the myUFL system. In addition, we’ve provided a number of suggested courses to support you.

    System Resources

    Performance Notes

    Simulation | Instruction Guide


    Employee Self-Assessment Simulation | PDF


    Embracing the Growth Mindset

    Achieving Results

    Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Developing Your Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Effectiveness

    Relationship Strategies

    Attitude: Radiating Possibility

    Interested in more training? Learn how these courses count towards the THRIVE and/or Gators Together program certificate.