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  • Below you will find guides and job aids designed to support you in both using the UF Engaged module of the myUFL system as well as suggested courses and resources designed to support you in having more regular conversations about performance with your employees.

    Quarterly Check-in Guide for Leaders

    quarterly check-in stepsQuarterly Check-In Guide for Leaders – Check-ins At-A-Glance for Leaders

    View the UF Engaged – Performance Conversation Vignettes Playlist

    circular model of quarterly check-ins

    While check-ins happen on a quarterly basis, it’s important to remember that providing meaningful feedback is a continuous process. Click on this graphic to take a closer look at this ongoing process.

    System Resources

    Performance Notes

    Simulation | Instruction Guide | Making the Most of Performance Notes

    Quarterly Check-ins

    Simulation | Instruction Guide | Making the Most of Quarterly Check-ins 

    Six Month Probation Check-in

    Simulation | Instruction Guide

    Special Performance Improvement Plan

    Simulation | Instruction Guide

    Leadership Resources


    Power of Feedback

    Coaching for Success

    Accountability in the Workplace

    Leading with Courage


    Job Aids

    Making the Most of Quarterly Check-ins

    Making the Most of Performance Notes

    The One Secret Really Good Managers Know

    2- Minute Challenge

    OH, NO! Do I Have to Have THAT Conversation?!

    Manager Tasks for Performance Documents

    Quarterly Check-In Guide for Leaders

    Check-ins At-A-Glance for Leaders


    On Demand Learning

    Two-Minute Challenge (Transcript)

    Common Myths (Transcript)

    Providing Effective Feedback for Remote Employees

    For additional leadership resources, please visit the UF Leadership Toolkit.