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United Faculty of Florida Contract

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  • The University of Florida and the United Faculty of Florida have agreed to a three-year contract, effective July 1, 2021. The articles that have been agreed to are provided below:

      2021 Spring MOU-Article 21: Other Leaves
      2021 Fall MOU
      2022 Spring MOU
      MOU, Part II
      Collective Bargaining Agreement
      Article 24 Salary Reopener
      Appendix E Salary Reopener
    Article 1 Titles and Headings
    Article 2 Recognition
    Article 3 Management Rights
    Article 4 UFF Rights
    Article 5 Payroll Deduction
    Article 6 Consultation
    Article 7 Maintenance of Benefits
    Article 8 University of Florida Regulations and Policies
    Article 9 Bylaws Governing Terms and Conditions of Employment
    Article 10 Academic Freedom and Responsibility
    Article 11 Nondiscrimination
    Article 12 Appointment
    Article 13 Non-renewal
    Article 14 Assignment of Responsibilities
    Article 15 Office Space and Safe Conditions
    Article 16 Travel
    Article 17 Summer Appointments and Assignments
    Article 18 Faculty Member Performance Evaluations and Evaluation File
    Article 19 Tenure and Promotion
    Article 20 Sabbaticals and Profession Development Programs
    Article 21 Other Leaves
    Article 22 Intellectual Property
    Article 23 Other Faculty Member Rights
    Article 24 Salaries
    Article 25 Benefits
    Article 26 Outside Activity and Conflict of Interest
    Article 27 Disciplinary Action and Job Abandonment
    Article 28 Grievance Procedure and Arbitration
    Article 29 Access to Documents
    Article 30 Layoff and Recall
    Article 31 Totality of Agreement
    Article 32 Severability
    Article 33 Amendment and Duration
    Article 34 Copies
    Article 35 Definitions
    Appendix A Position Classifications in the Bargaining Unit
    Appendix B UFF Sample Dues Deduction Authorization Form
    Appendix C Grievance Form
    Appendix D Notice of Arbitration
    Appendix E P.K. Yonge Salary Schedule
    Appendix F P.K. Yonge Faculty Salary Supplements
    Appendix G Disclosure of Outside Activities and Financial Interests Form
      Signature Page
      UFF-PAC Payroll Deduction Authorization Form
      MOU Salary Adjustment for PKY Faculty
      Article 24 2022 Reopener
      2022 MOU Salary Adjustment for PKY Faculty