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  • As a state agency, everything the University community creates—both hardcopy and electronically – is considered a record, and no record may be legally destroyed unless its retention period is approved by the State Records Committee. Due to this, a retention schedule is created to list the types of records created and received by the institution and the retention, their retention timeline and their disposal procedures.

    Each record must come to an end. No need to compile stacks of documents after they have reached their retention period, just remember to dispose of the documents per its category instructions.

    What is a Retention Schedule?

    Retention schedule describes the minimum amount of time a type of record should be retained by the institution. These retention schedules are constantly updated as we learn about new records created and received by the University.

    Why do we need retention schedules?

    It is a form of records management that supports university functions such as recordkeeping practices and meeting legal retention requirements. Other reasons to consider is that some records have long-term value and are expected to remain with the University indefinitely.

    In other words, a retention schedule helps UF Departments decide which document must remain, and what documents can be disposed, and when. Retention Schedule guidelines provides consistency and clarity among the University.

    The University of Florida uses two different types of retention schedules


    Places to review in PDF are

    • Legal and Risk Management Records (pages 86 – 92)
    • Personnel and Payroll (pages 93 – 103)

    What Are Some Common Retention Schedules?

    The General Records Schedule have been grouped by following topical subjects:

    • Accounting, Budget and Finance
    • Administration, Management and Reporting
    • Buildings, Equipment and Maintenance
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Health, Public Safety and Security
    • Legal and Risk Management
    • Personnel and Payroll
    • Publicity, Events and Awards
    • Research and Grants
    • Student Recordshttps://cms.uflib.ufl.edu/records/Retentio

    Please note that below are retention schedules most commonly related to Employment Operations & Records. Remember to review the full description in General Records Schedule PDF

    Activity Reports (Outside): Faculty/ A&P, TEAMS pg 93

    Schedule Identifier: UF 227 #1

    Retention Period: 5 years after termination

    Documents outside employment or activities and includes type of activity undertaken, dates, average number of hours per week, and signatures of approval. Also includes Report of Specified Interest/ Conflict forms

     Attendance and Leave Records pg 94

    Schedule Identifier: GS1-SL #116

    Retention Period: 3 fiscal years

    Records consisting of requests or applications for vacation, sick, family medical leave act (FMLA), and other types of leave including leaves of absences, time sheets or time cards and any required documentation (medical statements or excuses from physician, jury duty, or military orders, etc.) submitted by an employee to document authorized absences, reports of leave hours used and accrued during a pay period. Note: Use PAYROLL RECORDS: SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS if the records are used at least in part to determine or verify pay or benefits.

     Employee Application and Selection Records pg 95

    Schedule Identifier: GS1-SL #24

    Retention Period: 4 anniversary years after personnel action provided any pending litigation is resolved.

     All records that document the selection process and justify the selection decision, including job opportunity announcement and recruitment efforts, position description, applications and resumes for employment, list of eligible candidates, further description in General Records Schedule.

     Employment Eligibility Verification Forms pg 96

    Schedule Identifier: GS1-SL #420

    Retention Period: 3 anniversary years after the date of hire or 1 anniversary year after individuals’ employment is terminated, whichever is later

    All Employment Eligibility Verification Forms (I-9) that contain information used by employers to verify the identity and employment authorization

    Personnel Files: College, Division, or Department COPY pg 99

    Schedule Identifier:

    Retention Period: 5 years after termination provided no litigation is pending

    A copy maintained at the departmental level for full-time staff and faculty. Must contact Human Resource Services to receive authorization and reassure official records are stored appropriately.

    Promotion/ Transfer Request Records pg 101

    Schedule Identifier: GS1-SL #139

    Retention Period: 4 anniversary years after personnel action, provided any litigation is resolved, or 4 anniversary years after expiration of the request period if no vacancy occurs prior to expiration.

     Documents employee requests for transfer or promotion within the agency. May include requests for promotion or transfer, copies of employment applications, any promotional level tests, and the tests results. See also EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION AND SELECTION RECORDS, STAFF ADMINISTRATION RECORDS, and PERSONNEL RECORDS.

    Staff Administration Records pg 20

    Schedule Identifier: GS1-SL

    Retention Period: Retain until obsolete, superseded, or administrative value is lost

    Records of documentation maintained in program offices, often by supervisors or program manager. Records may include copies of position descriptions, performance plans, performance and disciplinary documentation, leave request, emergency contact information, and other documents filed in the agency’s personnel file. These files are NOT Personnel Files or duplicates, although some documents officially files in the Personnel File might be duplicated. See also Disciplinary Case Files: Employees, Personnel Records.

    Destruction/ Transfer of Records

    What is a transfer?

    These are records that may be transferred to the custody of the University Archives if they have been labeled as “permanent” or having “archival value” by the records retention schedule. More information can be found at Transfer to University Archives.

    What falls under destruction of records?

    Corresponding forms and instructions on how dispose documents are available at Disposing of Records.


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