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    Tenure Process

    The tenure and promotion process is managed by the Office of the Provost with the Online Promotion and Tenure (OPT) System being administered by the Provost’s Office and the Academic HR Office. The Provost’s Office and the Academic HR Office hold OPT workshops for faculty and staff to facilitate the tenure and promotion process using the system.

    • Information regarding dates and time of upcoming workshops are listed on the Office of the Provost’s website.
    • For questions regarding the tenure and promotion process at the University of Florida, please visit the Office of the Provost’s website.
    • For questions regarding the navigation of the OPT system, contact the University OPT Administrator at opt@ad.ufl.edu


    Sabbaticals and professional development awards are granted to eligible faculty upon approval by the appropriate administrator, such as the Senior Vice President for IFAS, Health Science Center and Office of the Provost. Any questions on a faculty member’s eligibility for a sabbatical or a professional development award should be directed to the Office of the Provost or Academic HR Office.

    For more information about sabbaticals and professional development awards, please review the following University of Florida Regulations.

    Faculty Evaluations

    Faculty members are evaluated in two ways, the annual evaluation process and the teaching evaluations. Both are overseen by the Office of the Provost and both evaluations are included in decisions made during the tenure and promotion process. Teaching evaluations auto-populate in the OPT system template and annual evaluations are included as well. They will not auto-populate in the OPT template but will be uploaded by the department administrator.

    For more information on faculty evaluations as they pertain to the tenure and promotion process, please click here.

    Graduate Student Evaluations

    Evaluations for graduate students should be completed by the graduate supervisor before the end date listed on the graduate student’s letter of appointment. A copy of the dated graduate student evaluation must be sent to the department’s personnel office to be included in the student’s file in compliance with Article 4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    For additional information, please see the UF Graduate Assistant Union contract. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Academic HR at (352) 392-2477.

    Staff (TEAMS & USPS)

    Promotional Opportunities for Staff

    In many cases, applying for jobs as a current UF employee is identical to the application process of non-UF applicants. At times, the Careers at UF website will have specific listings for current UF employees only. These positions are advertised specifically for current faculty and staff and employees who are currently in a TEAMS, USPS or regular faculty role. UF employees who are completing a probationary period in their current position or have not completed six months of satisfactory service in their current position are not eligible to apply for other positions within UF until they’ve completed the probationary period or the six months of satisfactory service.

    USPS employees applying for current job openings will be able to retain their USPS classification if there is an equivalent USPS job title available.  For example, a USPS employee applying for a Custodial Worker III position, if selected, could accept the position, and request it be classified as a Senior Custodial Worker instead.  Note:  Not all TEAMS positions have a USPS equivalent.  Employees wanting to know what equivalent titles exist may contact UFHR Classification & Compensation at (352) 273-2842 or email compensation@ufl.edu.

    Veteran’s Preference When Already Working at UF

    In order to qualify for Veteran’s Preference for promotion (posted as UF only), a veteran’s preference eligible applicant must have a break in employment, been deployed, reinstated back to the University of Florida with honorable discharge.

    For information on obtaining a DD214, please visit eVetRecs or call (866) 272-6272.

    For more information, please contact Recruitment & Staffing for the Office of Human Resource Services at 352-392-2477 or email jobinquiries@ufl.edu.