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  • How does the University of Florida handle employment verifications? 

    The University of Florida utilizes a third party vendor to provide automated verification of employment and income.  The Work Number is an automated, secure service providing access to individuals who need to verify employment status and/or salary information. Typically verifications are required when a person applies for a loan, leases an apartment or applies for a job. The University of Florida has followed the example of many other large employers, both public and private, and has outsourced employment verification in order to streamline the process and provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to employees and verifiers.

    Who can request a verification? 

    Generally verifications are requested by:

    • Prospective employers
    • Mortgage companies and other lenders processing loan applications
    • Property managers evaluating lease applications
    • Social Service Agencies

    How often is the verification data base updated? 

    The University of Florida transmits an updated file to the Work Number following each bi-weekly pay cycle.

    How does the verification process work? 

    Most large lenders and employers already utilize The Work Number and are familiar with the process. Others may register with The Work Number by visiting www.theworknumber.com or by calling 1-800-367-5690.

    Are employees charged for verifications? 

    Employees should not be charged for verifications from the Work Number. Most lending institutions or property managers charge flat loan-processing fees to cover the cost of verifications such as these. If employees receive a charge which is identifiable as a Work Number verification, they may request a refund of those charges from The Work Number by calling their client service center at 1-800-996-7566.

    How secure is the site? 

    The University of Florida transmits the bi-weekly file to The Work Number using FTP with PGP.

    The Work Number uses very stringent data security standards and physical building security to protect the computer equipment and data center facility that runs the service. Activity on The Work Number site is recorded in system and application logs. This information is reviewed regularly as part of their standard practice. To view The Work Number privacy policy, visit https://www.equifax.com/privacy.
    If additional information is desired, contact The Work Number at www.theworknumber.com.