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    Advertising Guidelines for a Faculty Position

    The following are UF guidelines when advertising a faculty position:

    • A search committee must be identified as part of the job requisition. The search committee chair must have completed the Faculty Search Tutorial, PVO800.
    • The position must be advertised on the University of Florida’s website for a minimum of fourteen days.
    • The position must be advertised in Careers at UF and one additional external website.
    • If an initial search is unsuccessful, the department may re-advertise the position. The repost must be listed for a minimum of seven days.
      • To extend or repost a job advertisement, the hiring department must contact their Core HR recruiter via email or through the Careers at UF applicant tracking system.

    Outside Advertising Sources

    Talent Acquisition and Onboarding offers advertisement on the HigherEdJobs and Inside Higher Ed websites at no additional cost to the hiring department.

    Additionally, the recruitment team is available to review job advertisement content and documents to assist the hiring department’s outreach goals. Any other advertisement outside of the UF web listing and the additional website sponsored by Core HR are the hiring department’s financial responsibility.

    When creating an outside advertisement, include the following:

    • Requisition number
    • Posting title
    • Minimum and preferred requirements for the position
    • Job description
    • Expected starting salary range
    • Documents required to be considered for the position
    • Deadline date to apply
    • Additional verbiage
      • To apply for this position, visit jobs.ufl.edu. Job number for this vacancy is <Requisition number> and the deadline date to apply is <Posting Closing Date>. If an accommodation due to a disability is needed to apply for this position, please call (352) 392-2HRS or the Florida Relay System at (800) 955-8771 (TDD).
      • The University of Florida is an equal Opportunity Employer dedicated to building a broadly diverse and inclusive faculty and staff. The University of Florida invites all qualified applicants, including minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities. The University of Florida is a public institution and subject to all requirements under the Florida Sunshine and Public Records laws.

    Staff (TEAMS & USPS)

    Advertising Guidelines for a Staff Position

    The following are UF guidelines when advertising a TEAMS position:

    • Prior to advertising a new position in Careers at UF, the position must be approved by Classification & Compensation.
    • The position must be advertised on the University of Florida’s website for a minimum of seven days.
    • If an initial search is unsuccessful, the department may re-advertise the position. The repost must be listed for a minimum of three days.
      • To extend or repost a position, the hiring department must contact their Central HR recruiter via email or the Careers at UF applicant tracking system.
    • The posting title of a job requisition must either be its original UF classification title or a work title that reflects more closely to the duties of the position; however, it cannot be another UF classification title. For a list of UF job titles visit the classification titles webpage.

    If you would like to review the guidelines for outside advertisements, click here.

    Temporary TEAMS Positions

    Temporary TEAMS positions are appointments that do not exceed one year. The following are advertising guidelines for these types of positions:

    • Temporary TEAMS positions are not required to be posted in the UF job listing website.
      • If a department chooses to post a temporary TEAMS vacancy, it may do so for minimum of seven days.
    • Applicants hired into a temporary TEAMS position must meet the minimum requirements for the position and the length of the appointment may be up to one year.
    • Temporary TEAMS appointments are eligible for benefits and leave time.

    Time-Limited TEAMS Positions

    Time limited positions are based on circumstances, such as funding sources, which control the length of time for which the position is available. A time-limited position has the same rights as a position with a regular appointment modifier, except such position does not have rights provided for layoff, recall, and notice of non-reappointment. It is at the discretion of the college or unit to determine if a position is time-limited.

    Please call Employment Operations and Records at 392-2HRS for assistance or more information.

    Planning Your Staff Recruitment

    To attract the best people and build effective teams that support the University of Florida’s mission, we must not only sell the strengths of working at UF, but also create a recruitment experience that is accessible and attractive to all potential candidates. In order to do so, it is important to plan your recruitment. The following is a basic Recruitment Planning template for staff TEAMS positions that can be easily modify to fit your needs. For additional assistance, be sure to contact your  Core HR Recruiter.


    1. Determine Your Business Need

    When a new position is established or a vacancy occurs, the hiring department should review the position description and evaluate if the current position meets the departmental needs or should it be modified for better alignment to the goals of the department.

    • Is the current job description accurate and reflective of the department’s needs?
    • How does the current/future position align to the department’s strategic goals?
    • Have the core skills of current staff been reviewed to determine if there are any competency gaps?
    • What are our budget implications/constraints?

    Administrative Steps:

    • Request departmental and college-level approval when applicable
      • This includes approval of:
        • Funding source
        • Salary
        • Position Title

    2. Identify the Necessary Skills, Knowledge, Job-Related Behaviors a Successful Candidate Should Possess

    In order to search for the best candidate for a position, it is important to determine the knowledge, skills, job-related behaviors, and competencies necessary to successfully perform the major functions of the position.

    A major function is generally recognized as primary duty, occupies a significant portion of time and/or it is performed on a regular basis.

    The following are brief definitions of each of these position attributes.

    • Knowledge: Areas of specialty or expertise; for example, nursing, finance, employment law, or history.
    • Skills: the proficient manual, verbal, or mental manipulation of people, idea, or things. This includes software and computer proficiency, interpersonal skills, communication skills, accounting skills, or specific laboratory techniques.
    • Behaviors: Characteristics an employee must display in the job; for instance, initiative, collegiality, resourcefulness, or professionalism.
    • Competencies:  The knowledge, skills, job-based behaviors, and personal characteristics that define effective and productive performance.
    • To identify knowledge, what specific area of specialty or expertise is needed to perform the major functions of this position? Is there a degree requirement that must be met?
    • To identify skills, what training, education, and/or license are needed to perform the major functions of this position?
    • To identify behaviors, what competencies are needed to perform the major job functions of this position?

    3. Review/Develop an Accurate Position Description

    Once the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to succeed in the position are identified, use this information to review or develop the position description. If a job description already exist, verify that the health assessment information is up-to-date.

    • To review this information, login to my.ufl.edu and click Main Menu > Organizational Development > Position Management > Maintain Positions/Budgets > Add/Update Position Info.
    • Enter the eight-digit myUFL position number.
    • Select UF Position Data tab to view health assessment information listed under the OCCMED Information section. Health assessment questions should be directed to Environmental Health and Safety at (352) 392-1591 or occmed@ehs.ufl.edu.

    For assistance in creating a job description, visit the How to Write a Position Description webpage from Classification & Compensation.

    • Are the knowledge, skills, and behaviors identified as essential clearly stated in the job description?
    • Is the position title defined?
    • Is the position full or part-time, temporary or regular, position share or other special circumstances?
    • What does the position accomplish? If there is an incumbent, what are that person’s duties?
    • Who does this person report to? Are there any special considerations/issues, such as multiple reporting relationships?
    • What qualifications are required for the job?
    • When creating a new position, submit to college and Classification & Compensation for approval.

    4. Develop a Recruitment Plan to Foster a Positive Applicant Experience

    A structured recruitment plan provides a road map to attract and hire the best qualified candidates while ensuring a fair and inclusive recruitment process. A recruitment plan contains the following components:

    • Classification and Posting Title
    • Job Announcement
    • Minimum Requirements
    • Preferred Qualifications
    • Advertised Salary
    • Posting Period
    • Search Committee or Selection Panel
    • Advertisement Strategies
    • Evaluation Criteria and Tools
    • Does the job advertisement provide a clear picture of the position, including duties and/or responsibilities?
    • Did you consider announcing the vacancy in additional job boards to inform and attract diverse, qualified candidates? In network events? Through employee referral?
    • Has a timeline been established for posting, interviewing, and hiring to ensure the number of days without an employee is minimized?
    • Has a salary range been established and advertised in the job announcement to further attract appropriate and competitive candidates?
    • To create a requisition in the Careers at UF system you must have completed the training course PST098 and requested the appropriate security role.
    • For a detailed instruction guide on how to create a job requisition, visit the Careers at UF Toolkit.

    Temporary OPS

    Advertising Guidelines for a Temporary OPS Position

    OPS positions are at-will temporary positions and not eligible to benefits, except for health insurance covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), if the position and the person meet the ACA requirements.  The time limit that an employee can be OPS is 4,176 hours. This limit is reset after a six-month break in service wo when changing from one college or unit to another. The full policy can be viewed here https://hr.ufl.edu/forms-policies/policies-managers/non-student-hourly-ops-employment/

    Posting a Temporary/OPS Position

    The following are UF guidelines when advertising and recruiting for a (Temporary OPS) position:

    • Departments may choose to post OPS vacancies via Careers at UF, but are not required to do so.
    • The position may be posted for any period of time, there is no minimum or maximum advertising time frame.
    • A salary range is not required but highly recommended to list in the job advertisement.
    • Once a Temporary/OPS position is posted in the UF job listing website, the hiring manager will need to carry out a fair and competitive recruitment process, which includes equal opportunity for application and interviewing.

    Minimum Requirements and Salary

    Unlike TEAMS positions, there are no established minimum education and experience requirements or salary ranges for Temporary/OPS positions. Rather, departments should determine the education and experience needed for the specific position as well as the salary it can pay.

    If the department chooses to advertise the position, an expected starting salary range should be listed, and the salary of the employee hired into the position should match the advertised salary. In compliance with the state of Florida’s minimum wage, the minimum hourly rate for Temporary/OPS positions is $8.56 and effective January 1st, 2021 it will be $8.65 per hour. Be sure to check the Minimum Wage Laws in the States webpage on U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, website for the most current minimum wage rate.

    Student OPS Employment

    Students may be hired as OPS employees and do not need a Federal Work Study permit. To be eligible, students employed by UF must have at least a 2.0 GPA, and be enrolled for at least six (6) credit hours each semester. The department will verify the enrollment status before appointing the student. The total hours a student can work and the amount earned will depend upon the hiring department’s budget and need. Students must report OPS income on their financial aid application the following year.