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  • Before Day 1

    Take these four simple steps to ensure your new employee is happy about his or her choice to join your team.

    1.  Create a Welcome packet*

    2.  Send packet with a warm and welcoming email*

    3.  Design a fully prepared workspace*

    4.  Create a successful training plan*

    *In some departments, this task is completed by the HR rep.


    These editable tools will guide you and provide things to consider as you onboard your new hire.

    First Day

    Make your new employee’s first day a positive experience.

    1.  Enthusiastically welcome the new employee

    2.  Use the first-day checklist to show that you are prepared for the new employee

    3.  Connect the new employee to the team members, HR rep and his or her buddy

    4.  Explain expectations and onboarding plan

    5.  Have lunch together


    Use the first-day checklist to cover your bases.