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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who can I talk with if I am having problems gaining employment at the university?
    Trained staff is available at the HRS Service Center. The Recruitment and Staffing personnel provide individual assistance to all persons interested in applying for positions at the university. Please visit our HRS Service Center at 903 West University Avenue for assistance between 8:00 am until 5:00 pm daily.

    Do I have to have a degree to get a job at UF?
    Not all jobs require a degree. To look at job openings and their minimum qualifications go to http://jobs.ufl.edu. This site also includes examples of work required for each job description.

    What opportunities do I have to get a better job or promotion?
    In non-instructional areas, employees may want to study the job listings at http://jobs.ufl.edu/ for transfer or promotion opportunities. Additionally, promotions can be made from one level to another in the same employment group. For example, a Business Manager 2 can promote to a Business Manager 3 or 4.

    Does the university have an educational incentive program for employees?
    The University of Florida offers funding to allow eligible employees to take courses at UF and other Florida state universities through the Employee Education Program.

    For more information on these programs please visit the education section of the HRS web site.

    What is meant by USPS Employee?
    USPS stands for University Support Personnel System. For more information, go to the employee handbook and refer to the table of contents for General Information for USPS and TEAMS employees

    What is meant by TEAMS Employee?
    TEAMS stands for Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support. For more information go to the employee handbook and refer to the table of contents for General Information for SUS and TEAMS employees.



    Where should a student go if he/she is experiencing harassment?
    Resources for both students and employees are listed on the Resources page of this web site. Formal complaints are handled by the Institutional Equity & Diversity Office.

    If I have a conflict with a co-worker and it is not sexual in nature, where can I seek assistance?
    The university provides confidential counseling services through the Employee Assistance Program. Additional resources including the counseling center, the ombudsman, and others are listed on the Resources page of this web site.


    Harassment Prevention Training

    Are employees required to attain the UF Harassment Prevention training certification?
    The overall goal of the university’s training program for Harassment Prevention is to ensure UF is a safe place to work and study for students, faculty, and staff.

    It is an expectation of employment that all UF employees—faculty and staff—will attain the Harassment Prevention training certification.  Training can be accessed through the myUFL system by selecting Main Menu > My Self Service > Training and Development > myTraining Enrollment. In the activity search box you can either search by title or course code GET802

    Where are the permanent records of proof of UF Harassment Prevention training certification maintained?
    For any individual affiliated with UF since 2004, records of completion are stored within the myTraining system.

    What if I want to retake the course in harassment prevention?
    As many persons enjoy lengthy employment at UF, the online training program is accessible to all employees at any time. Training on the online version of  Harassment Prevention is expected of all faculty and staff every two years.



    Where can I learn about the official regulations governing non-discrimination on campus?
    Contact the Institutional Equity & Diversity Office, at hrseeo@admin.ufl.edu.

    Additionally, university regulations can be found on the University General Counsel’s web page.

    Are services provided by UF to help employees with mental and psychological concerns?
    Yes. The Employee Assistance Program provides this type of assistance.

    Where can I go for confidential counseling to help me deal with personnel problems?
    The Employee Assistance Program, as well as certain Human Resource Services training courses can help with these matters or provide referral to other services.

    Where can students employed at UF seek counseling and support?
    Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are encouraged to contact the Office of the Ombudsman for dispute resolution or the University Counseling Center for counseling needs. Additional resources for students and employees can be found on the Resources page.


    What is the university’s approved statement for stationery and advertisement related to equal opportunity employment?
    The university policy requires that the statement “An Equal Opportunity Institution” be placed on stationery, newsletters, brochures, and all other publications.

    Where can I find a copy of the university’s Affirmative Action Plan?
    Copies of the Affirmative Action Plan are available in all university libraries, the Office of Human Resource Services at 903 W. University Ave, and were distributed to Vice Presidents and Deans and other selected administrators.


    Are these all the regulations?
    No, these are just a selection of regulations that pertain to Equal Opportunity, or Harassment. Employees can get more information on University regulations, policies, and procedures from their supervisor, the employee handbook, along with many different online sources of information. Employees are encouraged to become familiar with the policies governing their workplace.

    Are these regulations the most recent?
    Laws, regulations, rules, and policies are subject to change. The links provided here are to web sites outside of Human Resource Services and are also subject to change. Employees must verify that they are reading the most up-to-date version. For assistance, please contact the Institutional Equity & Diversity Office at 352-392-1075.



    Are the courses offered by Training and Development available to all employees?
    The University is aware of the tremendous benefit training can be to its employees and encourages participation in these courses. Courses are open to all employees. Employees should check with their supervisor before attending courses.

    Are there courses offered that can improve my job skills?
    Most training courses provide a direct benefit to job performance. Examples of these types of courses include, but are not limited to, computer training, myUFL training, and supervisory challenge courses.

    Questions Or Comments? hrseeo@admin.ufl.edu