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  • The Institutional Equity & Diversity Office is responsible for developing and maintaining a variety of reports on employment, compliance and equity.

    Affirmative Action Plan

    Executive Summary
    An Affirmative Action Plan is required, by Executive Order 11246, of all federal contractors with over $50,000 in contracts and more than 50 employees. The plan is available for review in the Institutional Equity & Diversity Office located at 903 West University Avenue workdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The plan is also available in the University libraries, and copies were distributed to Vice Presidents, Deans, and other selected administrators.

    Faculty Compliance Report

    The Faculty Compliance Report form must be used for faculty positions that have not required applicants to apply through the online HR applicant tracking system.  If applicants have been required to apply through the HR online applicant tracking system this report does not need to be completed.

    Florida Education Equity Act Report

    This report is required by Florida Statutes Section 1005.05 and is submitted to the State Board of Education. This report includes enrollment and employment equity accountabilities, the university’s budget incentive plan addressing women and minorities, as well Title IX Athletic programs.

    Student Reports

    Please visit this section for a list of reports maintained by this office.
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