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    The Strategic Talent Group is University of Florida’s internal search team. By identifying, attracting, and engaging the strongest talent, we contribute to the Gator Good. As an internal consulting group, our passion for UF and our understanding of the culture and values of the UF community enable us to find the very best to meet the particular needs of each recruitment engagement.

    Preeminence Through People

    This is our vision. We are creating a competitive advantage for the university through people—strong individual contributors, high-functioning collaborators and teams, and excellent leaders—where their best work is encouraged, enabled, expected, and recognized.

    Our Services

    The Strategic Talent Group partners with UF departments and units to identify, attract, and engage the best talent. We are committed to providing exceptional service by blending our institutional knowledge and insights into UF’s culture with premier recruitment practices. We understand your business needs and will work closely with you to develop a strategic talent search plan. And we strive to advance UF’s employer brand by facilitating positive and productive relationships with all applicants.

    Consult & Develop a Strategy

    We begin by talking with key individuals—unit leadership, search participants, and other stakeholders—to understand the vision for the position, the unique culture of the department or unit, and the characteristics and qualifications of an ideal candidate.

    Research & Recruit Prospects

    We build relationships by reaching out to potential sources and candidates in order to find exceptional talent. We explore a variety of outlets and utilize different methods to search peer institutions as well as private industry fields that align with the unit’s needs.

    Review & Evaluate

    The Strategic Talent Group initiates conversations with potential candidates to gather essential information and lay the foundation for positive relationships. We share our insights and advise the hiring department regarding interview selections.


    We collaborate in the interview process by developing strategic methodologies to facilitate the exchange of meaningful information between participants. Our team assists with campus and community tours that speak to each candidate’s special interests.

    Close the Deal

    At the end of the search, our team provides data-driven recommendations for compensation packages, and we assist with the administrative responsibilities needed to finalize the recruitment process.

    If you would like more information about any of our services, please contact Kathy McKee, or email the team at talent@hr.ufl.edu.

    Recent Hires


    Antonio Farias

    Chief Diversity Officer

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    Maureen De Armond

    Assistant Vice President
    for Human Resources

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    Mark Kaplan

    UF Vice President for
    Government and Community

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    Current or Upcoming Searches

    • Assistant Vice President, Student Engagement
    • Director, Building Services
    • Director, Collaborative Initiatives
    • Director, Security & Technology
    • Executive Director for Finance

    Our Team

    Kathy McKee

    Manager, Strategic Talent Group
    (352) 273-1703

    Shannon Parrish

    Talent Consultant
    (352) 273-1713

    John Sun

    Assistant Director, Recruitment & Staffing
    (352) 273-1734

    Melissa Curry

    Director, Recruitment and Staffing
    (352) 273-1735