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  • With the ever changing and diverse workforce, the University of Florida recognizes both the value of telecommuting in fostering a flexible work environment and the necessity in hiring employees to work at an remote location in order to further the goals of the institution and UF departments.  Typically, having employees work remotely from a location within Florida is not an issue; however, if the remote location is outside of Florida or United States, then this arrangement can pose legal and financial ramifications to both the institution and the employee.  Other states and countries have additional legal and taxation laws and requirements, and it will be very time consuming and costly for the institution to meet these requirements.

    Due to these complexities and risks, employees should not work from another state or country solely for their own convenience.  UF departments should consult with UF Human Resources before considering assigning or hiring employees to work in remote locations outside of Florida or United States.

    Consideration for Working Remotely

    When determining the feasibility of an employee working from a remote location, the following should be considered:

    • Is the employee a good choice for working at a remote location given his or her ability to work autonomously, need for face-to-face communication, ability to control and schedule workflow, reliability concerning work hours, self-discipline regarding work, etc.?
    • Will the working arrangement mutually benefit both the college/unit and the employee?
    • Has the supervisor and employee discussed the reason for requesting the remote work assignment?
    • Will the employee’s work location pose any legal liabilities?

    Working Remotely within U.S.

    For additional guidance on granting an employee to work at a remote work location within U.S., please visit the Remote Work Location Policy. An electronic Remote Work Location Agreement must be completed and submitted for approval. For any questions, please contact Classification and Compensation via email at RemoteWorkAgreement@hr.ufl.edu.

    You may also lookup your completed and submitted Remote Work Location Agreement at: Find my Remote Work Location Agreement

    Working Remotely outside of U.S.

    Prior to granting approval for an employee to work outside of U.S., please visit UF Employment Abroad page for additional guidance.  A complete and signed copy of the Remote Work Location Agreement for Employment Abroad (a fillable MS Word document) must be submitted to UF Human Resources at globalservices@hr.ufl.edu for additional team review and approval.  Members of the team includes Human Resources, Office of Research, and the Office of General Counsel.