Volunteers are an integral part of the UF community. Through the engagement of volunteers, UF is further able to provide support to the community and state-wide in many ways including providing community educational opportunities in the areas of agriculture and natural resources, preparing exhibits for our museums, and assisting patrons at our many performances at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

In an effort to be more sustainable with how UF tracks volunteer service, as well as provide an enterprise-wide method of identifying UF volunteers, a university-wide volunteer tracking system has been created. This tracking system replaces the Record of Volunteer Service Form that is currently required for all volunteers and kept on file with the volunteer program college or department.

Additionally, a Volunteer Policy is now in place to provide guidance on the engagement of volunteers, along with the existing Volunteer Regulation. This policy also helps to clarify who is and who is not considered a volunteer.

NOTE: All College of Medicine volunteer programs and coordinators should continue to work with College of Medicine Human Resources for their volunteer program needs.

The following resources are available to University of Florida colleges and units engaging volunteers.


Training Guides & Report


The following templates are Word Docs and may be downloaded and customized to accommodate individual volunteer program needs.


The following security roles are required to utilize the suite of Volunteer Tracking systems and data. These roles may be requested from your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) once appropriate training (outlined below) has been successfully completed.

For assistance in identifying your DSA, click here.

Required Training


This security role is required to access the Volunteer Tracking system in myUFL.

NOTE: HR Professionals who have one of the following roles will also be able to access the volunteer tracking system:

  • UF_EPAF_Department Admin
  • UF_EPAF_DOCE Approver
  • UF_EPAF_Level 1 Approver


This security role is required to access PersonHub. PersonHub is where you may look up a volunteer’s contact information and department affiliations when needed.


For questions regarding volunteer coordination at the University of Florida contact:

Office of Strategic Initiatives